We're tracking  4734  beers from  57  Portland breweries. Across  130  styles, these beers have an average ABV of  6.7%  and an average of  44  IBUs.

We're Back!

So, we took a "brief" hiatus to retool. It took a little longer than expected, but we're finally back. Our new data models are based on social interactions and that means we have the freshest data possible—connecting you to your beer in more ways than ever! Check out some recently mentioned Portland beers, explore our breweries, find a local beer event, scroll through our Instagram and Flickr photos, or read our articles.

Recently Mentioned Beers

These beers were just spotted in Portland: fresh, fresh, fresh! The bar below each beer represents how many people are talking about that beer.

14 minEspresso Stout
from Hopworks Urban Brewery
36 minNew Wave Amber
from Base Camp Brewing Company
47 minUltra Gnar Gnar
from Base Camp Brewing Company
56 minTotally Radler
from Hopworks Urban Brewery
61 minPig War White IPA
from Hopworks Urban Brewery

Most Talked About Beers

These beers below are the most talked about beers in Portland over the last week. Keep an eye here to see what's trending!

761 Up Mushroom
from Old Town Brewing
65Rainbows and Unicorns
from Breakside Brewery
57Aurora Rhubarb Saison
from Ecliptic Brewing
from Widmer Brothers Brewing
47Frite Galois
from Cascade Brewing Company
45Honey Trap
from Coalition Brewing

Top Styles

IPAs dominate Portland, but the weekly top styles list changes with the seasons, festivals, and specialty beer events.

11%American IPA »
6%American Pale Ale »
5%Sour Ale »
5%Saison / Farmhouse Ale »
3%Imperial / Double IPA »
2%American Amber / Red Ale »
2%Fruit Beer »
1%Porter »


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On The Outside

Keep your eyes on these breweries—they aren't swayed by popular statistics. In fact, their beers are pretty far outside the range of the rest of the beers on our site.

Tweets from Portland Breweries


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