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Benefit For Angelo: A Cause for A Worthy Friend »
There is a reason that Angelo is known throughout the country. Sure, he was an early supported of craft beer through his site, but it's much more than that. It certainly is easy to see ...
Beer and Bikes Make Things So Nice »
I love beer and I love biking. There are not many more things in my life, aside from family, that I cherish so much. If I could run off on a world tour by bike, stopping only for sleep, food, and bee...
Lagerfest 2013 »
Over 40 breweries will participate and each will provide their own sophisticated take on the classic lager beer. The twenty dollar entrance fee includes ten free tastings, a Lagerfest beer drinking mu...
Beer + Food Carts + Bands = The Awesome Deschutes Street Fare! »
It’s back, it’s awesome, and it kicks off at 5pm tonight! Details from the press release are below, plus some of my favorite images from years past. I’ll be there are usual, weighed down with ca...
Initial Thoughts: 2013 Oregon Brewers Festival in Review »
The first Wednesday ever of the Oregon Brewers Fest is now in full swing and I was able to partake in a portion of it. These tidbits may help others navigate some of the next four days of debauchery.....

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Kolsch »
ABV: 5.8% • IBU: 40 • Plato: 13.5
Brown Ale »
ABV: 6.2% • IBU: 45 • Plato: 16.3
Stout »
ABV: 7.7% • IBU: 70 • Plato: 19.2
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