Laurelwood Break A Leg Rye [August 2007]

Yep, I already know: another Laurelwood pick? Well, if they would stop making great beer! As most of you know, I've been down and out with a broken leg and Laurelwood is right down the street from me. Right now, it's the easiest place for me to get to. I'll be expanding my picks as my leg heals.

I've finally moved to a cane, so it's getting a bit easier for me to move around. This month's pick is a seasonal, so go out and get it while you can: Laurelwood's Break A Leg Rye. Could it be a coincidence that I've got a broken leg and Laurelwood released this beer? Nope, the stars didn't align on this one. I asked head brewer Chad Kennedy if they could make a Rye for me to speed up the healing of my leg. Laurelwood's beer description: "This one's for a friend. Our buddy in question here recently found himself stuck at home with a broken leg. We brewed this hoppy red rye to encourage him to get up and get a little exercise walking to the Wood. Here's to the fellow that's got to hobble to the pub on crutches. Cheers! ABV: 5.8%, IBU: 50, OG: 13 Plato". Awesome! Thanks guys!

Now, would I pick this beer as Beer of the Month only for the reason that this "my" beer? No way. I may not have many scruples, but I am honest when it comes to beer (unless someone forgets to charge me for a pint or two). Regardless of sentimental feelings, this is a fantastic beer. Another great balancing act of malt, hops, and alcohol from the guys at Laurelwood. If you've never had a Rye beer before, don't be shy. The Rye is added to the malt bill as a subtle flavor, not to change the base of the beer. So, go seek it out and enjoy one of the few Rye beers available in Portland!