Welcome to the Abyss.
12 Days of Abyss

OK. I tried. It was a dare. Actually, it was a bet. But it was a bet without money, and that's pretty much just a dare. The idea was to buy a case of Deschutes' Abyss and drink one a day for 12 days. Simple. Or so it seemed.

In fact, I upped the ante and said, "12 days? I'm not an amateur! I can do this blindfolded by the end of the weekend." It was a Friday. Don't get me wrong, I knew what I was up against. I've had plenty of Imperial Stouts before. I've mixed them with meals, I've mixed them with other beers, and then I've mixed up my words like scrabble squares thrown randomly on the floor where my head was resting. When I called Matt and told him that he was right, that I was not up for this challenge, it came out "wdksjd imperial hsdfkljs iiej jkjdf nksadfn. Know what I'm sayin'?" Or at least that's what the saved voicemail says (Matt, you should probably go ahead and delete that. Seriously).

So, what have I learned? I can't really remember. I do know that The Abyss is worth the hype. It is a superb Imperial Stout that deserves all of the praise in the world. At about $1 for each ABV percentage point per bottle, it's not a cheap session beer (that's about $10 for a 22oz bottle for those of you who haven't been keeping up with the previous articles). That's pretty steep in many circles, but you actually have to look at it more as a bottle of wine when it comes to usage and price. Find a great food pairing, and split a bottle with a friend over dinner. Hell, split it with an enemy over dinner and you'll have a new best friend by the end of the meal.

So that wraps it up. The beer was great. The "12 Days" idea was terrible. Sorry for drinking 12% of the Abyss that made it to Portland. Keep an eye out for my next article entitled: "20 Portland IPAs in 20 Minutes, Bitch". Another bet from another bar...