The Local Brew

Today, information about beer is on your laptop, on the barstool next to you, and on your television. With the addition of MOJO's Three Sheets series, it's even in HD (though not exclusively about beer). OPB also threw it's hat into the ring last year by airing Oregon Experience's Beervana.

Now on the scene is The Local Brew. Their latest show covers Stone Brewing in California. From the previews on their site, the show looks very polished from a production stand point and very knowledgeable on the beer side. It looks like they have a lot of fun at what they do--and ask the right questions while they're at it. The site states that they'll be in Seattle in August and Portland in July, probably to cover a bit of the Brewers festival. I'm not sure what they're covering out here, but you can submit suggestions on their site, or go ahead and comment here. I've been in touch with one of the show's creators, so I'll pass the info along. Currently, you can order the show on DVD and the creators are working to pitch the show to networks. The obvious problem is trying to sell a show to networks against the money of global players like Budweiser and Coors, whose money funds a lot of programming at many networks. Direct sales always help, so check out what they're offering at their site.

I'll do a full review of the show once I receive my copy in the mail, so I'll quit here. I just wanted to let you know about this new resource. The only thing left is figuring out what beer to pair with this show...