12 Days of Abyss

After the release of my "12 Days of Abyss" posts, I was accused of buying, and then drinking, all of the Abyss in Portland. Sure, I drank a lot. But based on unbiased third-party research, it turns out that I only bought and drank 83% of that fateful 2nd small batch delivered to PDX at the end of January 2008. See?

But it's not over. On Monday, March 17 Belmont Station will be

"tapping two amazing imperial stouts, Deschutes' Abyss and Ft. George's Coffee Girl. More details will follow regarding tapping times, so check back soon."
Now, as much hype as Abyss has has earned, there are some out there who think that Coffee Girl is even better. Now, thanks to this tasting, you can be the judge. Either way, you'll be able to enjoy to huge beers.