Maybe y'all are drinking too much--maybe not enough. So far, we've had no entries (not a single submission!) to our Ultimate 6-Pack Giveaway. We are literally (not figuratively) giving away free beer. Three $15 gift certificates to Belmont Station. Free. Beer. Now. Check the original post for details.

So, if you live in Portland, or visit, and like free beer (again, free beer), please enter the contest. We get thousands of people to this site every month and for no one to even enter, maybe we were unclear about something. So, just to be clear, what this boils down to is free beer. For you. From us. No strings. No mailing lists. For you mathematicians: this = free beer. This is not a Richard Stallman-esque "free as in speech not as in beer" thing, it's really free beer.

Well, if you didn't get it before, you should get it now. Sorry to be so hostile about this, but who thought it was so hard to give away beer?