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Roots Brewing 3rd Anniversary Party

After the redesign of our site, we want to make sure that people are checking out the other areas of our site, and not just the wonderful blog area. Of course, in the blog section, you can find articles, news, events, photos, and almost everything else you need. Almost.

It made sense for us to consolidate a few areas together for the blog, but there are still some great features that exist outside of the blog. For example, did you know that you can print up or save dynamic PDF beer to-do lists, based on our current inventory of 199 beers brewed in Portland? Damn right! 199! In fact, you can customize your lists to include things like: All Pale Ales in Portland, or All Beers from Amnesia Brewing, or All IPAs available at Laurelwood.

Print it up, put it in your pocket, and make a weekend out of it. Check it out in the tools section. Let us know what other tools you'd find handy while exploring Portland's beer scene!