Laurelwood Darkhorse [April 2008]

Well, here we are again. And, by "again", I mean: here we are, Beer of the Month, about four months behind schedule. We'll be going back to check out notes and fill in the blanks, but for now, it's April 2008 and we've got a hybrid beer to showcase.

April is a crossover month, sitting between winter and spring. Portland can fluctuate between snow and hot sun and back again as nature tries to make up it's mind. This is also a great time for a crossover beer: the India Dark Ale. OK, it's not a style that's recognized by the BJCP, but it makes sense: a bit of malt for the winter and a bit of IPA for the Spring. Based on their extremely popular Workhorse IPA, the Darkhorse is a reworking of the original recipe, adding a heavier malt bill and balancing it out with a bit more hops.

If you're not ready to give up your darker winter beers and not ready to jump into IPAs, Darkhorse bridges the gap and helps with the seasonal transition. It is currently pouring at the 51st Avenue location in NE Portland.