Waffles and Stout Breakfast
Waffles and Stout

Last week, a job interview brought me to the Northwest side of Portland. The discovery of a nail in my front left tire causing slow leak kept me there for a few hours. After dropping the car off at Mr. Schwab's, I wandered the neighborhood for a while, hunting for early-morning sustenance. I walked by both the New Old Lompoc and the Tavern & Pool McMenamins -- neither was open yet, but Besaw's was!

Besaw's was hopping with a moderately full dining room, so I did what I normally do in an unfamiliar place -- I found a seat at the bar. It's a small place, but not cramped, with a beautiful wood bar, and I believe they had a little patio in the back for dining when the weather gets nicer.

The breakfast menu runs until 3:00pm, which I really dig. I had a Belgian waffle which was decent, but not crispy enough for a rave review. The three tap handles were all local-ish beers, and I chose the most breakfast friendly brew, Anderson Valley's Oatmeal Stout. It was nice and smooth, easy to drink, and the roasty flavor offset the sweetness of the real maple syrup on my waffle.

I must somehow exude beer-geekiness, because soon, the bar manager chatted me up and enlisted me in an impromptu early-morning beer tasting. She was admittedly "not a huge beer drinker," and wanted me to give her some notes on how to describe the beers to customers, so she set me up with a sample of each. I love it when anyone is eager to learn more about beer, but especially servers, because no matter how much advertising (read: money) a company puts behind their brand, a bartender or waiter is the person who has contact with the customer, and the more they know, the better.

Impromptu Beer Tasting @ Besaw's

So, it's been a week, and I haven't heard back from the job interview. I still have the nail in my tire because they're too worn to patch, and I don't really don't have the cash flow for four new tires, so I settled for a can of Fix-A-Flat as insurance.

But at least now I know another good place for breakfast and friendly service when I'm on the NW side.