Remy, reminding us to go outside and play!

Well, many of you know that we are a small group here at My brother and I started this site a few years back and it has grown, and grown, and grown. Though we've gone through many changes over the years, both in style and content, one thing has remained constant through it all: Mine and Becky's faithful dog, Remy. Many of you know her through our contact page, where she has always been listed as a founding member (and 'drinker of spilled beer'). A few of you have even contacted her through her email address, and while she hasn't always been extremely prompt, she has always answered her emails.

Becky and Remy
Remy and Becky, getting ready for the Bend Brewfest.
As of this past weekend, due to complications with cancer, Remy is no longer with us. Though she will be here in spirit, we will miss her around the office. She was always a welcome excuse to peel ourselves away from the monitors and go for a walk.

So, raise your glass this weekend and say a toast to Remy, the most reliable one of us here on the team.

Cheers Remy, we'll miss you!

Remy Remy Remy Remy

Remy Remy Remy Remy