The Ultimate 6-Pack Giveaway!
The Ultimate 6-Pack Giveaway!

Well, the results are finally in. We apologize about the delay, but with over 50 entries the total beer count was well over 300! Sure, there was some overlap between entries, but it was still a lot to go through. Thanks to everyone that entered, we wish we could award everyone who participated!

Brett and I decided that the best way to judge these beer collections was to drink our way through it. Then we did the math and came to the realization that drinking over 300 hundred beers over two weeks between two people turned out to be over 11 beers each day. While not impossible, we concluded that it would not be wise. When I say "we concluded", I mean that my girlfriend found the napkin with the drinking notes on it and stated simply "No way." Sometimes it just takes a little common sense.

So, we got drunk, came up with a complex proprietary mathematical method for choosing the winners, and here they are:

Winning Entry #1 [Joel C.]:

My perfect 6 pack:

I’m a stout man, so that’s going to be the first half of the pack before I get into some hoppier--and lighter--beers.

To start off with, I have to go with an AleSmith Speedway Stout. It’s ridiculously black, heavy, sweet but complex. The coffee flavor pulls everything together nicely. And at 12% and in a 750ml bottle, it just makes for a damn enjoyable evening of drinking. As long as no one else tries to horn in on the bottle. Ideally, it has been aged for a year or two, though I’ll drink it straight off the shelf if necessary.

Second up, a Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout. Oh man, is this one delicious stout. So dark and tasty. This is one of my favorites and a big part of the reason is that it’s not as sweet as so many other imperial stouts right off the shelf. It has a nice bitterness and complexity, yet you still get that heavy alcohol punch. The original is fantastic, but the Oak Aged is even smoother, a bit more mellow in all the right places.

Next, Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout. This may have to be the finisher since it’s so damn sweet and intricate. This beer borders on port--damn near a desert wine. It’s just so delicious. I’ve only had a few, but they’ve always blown me away. Again, it would be nice to drink one that’s been aged a year or two, just to mellow it out a bit and allow the flavors to percolate.

Okay, that’s it for stouts. Let’s bring in some variety. How about a Walking Man Old Stumblefoot? This is a fantastic barleywine. I’ll admit that I don’t drink a ton of barleywines. I’ve only had a few, and my enjoyment has been hit and miss. And I’m further going to admit that I’m a sucker for the malty beers. Which is where the Old Stumblefoot comes in because--while there are certainly plenty of hops used in the brewing--the malts seem to be the featured attraction. This is a wonderfully malty, delicious brew. Since I get to live my fantasy, this gets bottled and put in my 6 pack.

Bottle #5 is the Double Bastard Ale. I enjoy all the Arrogant Bastard versions, but th Double tops the list. Double Bastard does right by hops. It’s a fascinating, complex, unique taste that really satisfies me. Double Bastard is the perfect high-alcohol summer beer, as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, I really enjoy a good Imperial Red and one that I’ve liked quite a bit in the past is the Lagunitas Imperial Red. Therefore, I’m going to have to throw one of those in there. It doesn’t change my world, but it’s consistently satisfying. It’s a great balance of hoppy and malty, with a lean toward the malty and some excellent caramel action going on. I just really enjoy this beer, and it would be nice to break up the heaviness of the stouts.

So there you have it. That’s my dream 6 pack. Maybe not perfectfor everyone, but it sounds pretty damn fantastic to me. So good, in fact, that I just may have to make a run to Belmont Station right now.
Winning Entry #2 [Rich M.]:
List of a perfect six-pack of beer. Hmm.

1) Hoegaarden. Something light and tasty to get into the spirits of this whole thing. Good taste for when I still want taste to be really important.

2) Ninkasi Believer Red. Hands down, my favorite red ever, and that’s where I want to spend the second of six portions of my evening.

3) Laurelwood’s Vanilla Porter. Ok, time to get serious about this whole drinking thing. I felt a sense of loss when this seasonal vanished last week.

4) Lagunitas’ Brown Shugga’. My favorite bar was the one with this on tap. When it vanished, I slowly migrated...

5) Abita’s Turbodog. It rocks. Also, the name rocks. I will likely be talking a lot about the rocking name by this point, and how I want to name my child Turbodog.

6) Rogue’s Natty Red. It tastes great, and has one of those outstanding percentages at the end of the description, which makes it a key final beer in the pack.

7) Not actually part of the six-pack, but I would pick up an IPA to give to other people so they wouldn’t touch the beers I had lovingly handpicked.
Winning Entry #3 [Jeff C.]:
In the unfortunate event that I was only allowed 6 beers for the rest of my life, I could get by on these (please don’t make me pick just 6, though).

Full Sail Wassail:
My favorite seasonal beer. Full Sail has somehow figured out a way
to put winter in a bottle and it’s wonderful. You might pick out
flavors like chocolate, nutmeg, bread, fruit and leather. You’ll
definitely taste the wonderful malt/hop balance, and you’ll
definitely enjoy it. I always save at least a sixer of this one so I
can have “Christmas in July”.

Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws:
I love barleywines and this one’s my favorite. Great now, great in
a year, great in 5 years. Great by the fire, great in the backyard,
or I could just skip to the short version: great!

Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial IPA:
A perfectly constructed beer is a thing of beauty, but sometimes what
I really want is to go toe-to-toe with a totally unbalanced hop
monster. Hopsickle does the trick for me; it’s an eye-watering,
lip-curling assault on your taste buds.

Amnesia Copacetic IPA:
An outstanding IPA in a city/state/region full of them. The
distinctive blast of Amarillo hops separates Copacetic from the pack
for me. Note- Amnesia doesn’t bottle at this time, but you can get
growler fills at the brewery and a growler’s a bottle, right? H ey,
it’s MY ultimate 6-pack!

Rogue Shakespeare Stout:
Shakespeare is sweet, bitter, roasty, chewy, hearty and satisfying.
In other words, everything I’m looking for in a stout.
Saison DuPont:
Saison DuPont is my “if you were stranded on a desert island and
could only have one beer” beer. It’s incredible on it’s own, and
even better with food (seriously, you can match it up with almost
anything). No two bottles are alike, and each one is a wonderful
journey for the senses. Inhale and you’ll smell more distinct aromas
than you thought were possible in a single beer. Take that first sip
and know perfection.

Is it 5:00 yet?!? Thanks for reading.