Here's what HOTD's Earth Day Dock sale line looked like at 9:50am today:

Totally respectable, considering the madness that is going on right now in Muenster IN. I say forget Dark Lord Day -- it's overhyped and overcrowded, not to mention half a continent away.

A table set up with cheese, meats, doughnut holes, plus several bottles of beer was all the breakfast I needed on this bright, warm April morning. Meeting fellow beer geeks in a strange industrial park and waiting for the HOTD garage door to fly open was a really nice way to start the day. Then came the samples for people waiting in line -- this is hospitality! Don't call me a localvore, but a less crowded HOTD Earth Day sale is where it's at.

Walking into the actual brewery, beer prices were a bit high, but fair. HOTD isn't known for its budget brews -- it's famous for high quality, high octane beer, and in those categories, the brewery didn't disappoint. Add to that the fact that you could go in the tasting room and sample all the styles before (and after) you committed to a full case, and the price ends up being well worth the experience. And really, what else are you gonna do on a Saturday? Mow the lawn?

Fred, Adam, Ruth, Fred from the Wood, and Blue Dot by the case, and some rarities like Adam Batch #1 and some .375s of Dave from 1995 which were gone by 10:15am. All of the above were on tap, minus the rarities and Ruth, add Doggie Claws and Greg (a squash beer made exclusively for Higgin's). I grabbed a case of Blue Dot and a magnum of Adam -- a kindly gentleman traded me in the parking lot for a few bottles of Fred from the Wood & an Adam, so I walked away with a nice diversity of beers for... well I'll just let you do the math.

It was obvious that the entire family was involved in this event, from mom and pop handing out beer samples, to the kids ringing up the credit cards. I found it really endearing that everyone works together for a big event like this. Always makes me feel good to patronize a family business. Cheers to HOTD staff for a great event!

Hair of the Dog Earth Day Dock Sale - Friendly Service

Admittedly, Dark Lord Day is one of the most fun beer events I've ever been to. No offense meant. Respect to FFF.HOTD Earth Day Dock Sale