Gerritt I.
Gerritt, our feet on the street.

Many of you enjoy the beer section of our site. And why wouldn't you? We've been keeping track of beer in this city for a couple of years now and have accumulated over 200 listings! Yep, 200. But don't thank us, thank the brewers. OK, you can thank us a little, now you know where to find these new seasonal releases and fresh taps across the city.

But it takes work to get this done. A lot of freakin' work. A lot of drinking, but here at the site, we take it very seriously, so we call it work. Seriously, walking the streets of Portland and drinking beer for you good people is a tough job and requires a lot of "research", but it's worth it.

But it's a big city and we've got a limited number of feet. Luckily for us, we just gained two more. These two new feet are attached to Gerritt I., our new correspondent covering new releases in the North Portland area at such places as New Old Lompoc's Fifth Quadrant and Amnesia. He's even been known to break out of the North and make it all the way to the Southeast of the city--just to cover the beer scene for you. Gerritt came to Portland in 2002 by way of New Jersey and like many of us, Portland is where he discovered great beer.

So, welcome aboard Gerritt! Thanks for your help and please keep drinking beer--er, uh, researching--for us!