I would be remiss if I were the only beer blogger in Portland that neglected to post the ridiculously awesome beer lineup for FredFest 2008:

  • BridgePort Brewing: Bourbon Barrel aged Old Knucklehead Firkin
  • Laurelwood Brewing: Bourbon Barrel Aged Olde Reliable Barleywine
  • Widmer Brewing : Altbier!!!
  • Lompoc Brewing : Oak aged LSD
  • Deschutes Brewing: Br. Abe Belgian ale
  • Rockbottom Brewing : Oak aged IIPA
  • Cascade Brewing: 2006 Wild Blackberry ale ( Flanders red style)
  • Lucky Lab: Brewing Double Alt
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery: 2007 Kentucky Christmas
  • Hair of the Dog: Cask Fred from the Wood
  • Full Sail Brewing: Bourbon BBL aged 1998 Old Boilermaker
  • Rogue Brewing : Brewer Ale
  • Roots Brewing: 2006 Pinot Noir Oak aged Epic
  • Ninkasi Brewing: Dry Hopped Cask Tricerahops
  • Firestone: ?????
  • Jim 2007 Holiday Ale Fest Collaboration with HOTD
Not only will there be a great tap lineup, but some killer food as well -- rumors of "HOTD Fred-cured pastrami" was enough for me to sign up.

This year's FredFest is a fundraiser for Parkinson's Resources of Oregon, an affiliate of the National Parkinson Foundation. It runs from 2 - 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 10 (Fred Eckhardt's birthday) at Hair of the Dog Brewing, 4509 SE 23rd Avenue in Portland. I'm not sure if there's any tickets left, but you can try begging and pleading with Preston here.

There's also a simultaneous online auction at Liquid Solutions with rare beers like HOTD Adam #1, a cool lot of Lost Abbey beers, and the ever-elusive Westvleteren 12. It starts 3 p.m. PDT Friday, May 9 and finishes up by 3 p.m. PDT Sunday, May 11. And if this works anything like eBay, it'll be interesting to watch the price wars when there's :30 seconds left on the auction. Definitely worth checking out.

...just don't blame me when you blow your whole stimulus package on rare brews.