Two Beer Icons.
2008 Fred Fest -- Two Beer Icons

Writing a caption for this photo was harder than expected. It kind of turned out to be like a chicken and egg problem, or a recursive acronym, or something.

On the left, Fred Eckhardt, homebrewing icon, author, and all around great guy. On the right, Alan Sprints, founder of Hair of the Dog Brewing Company and mastermind of great original ales. I was happy to capture these two together.

But looking a little deeper, we find, well, some pastrami. To be exact, pastrami cured in Hair of the Dog Fred Ale. So, my initial caption became: "Alan Sprints, pictured on right, cutting and serving pastrami, cured in the Hair of the Dog Fred Ale (a beer named after Fred Eckhardt, pictured on left, and brewed by Alan Sprints, pictured on right) to Fred Eckhardt, pictured on left."

That got a bit confusing, so I just settled on: "Two Beer Icons."