Beer, sweet beer.
Roots Brewing 3rd Anniversary Party

With 235 beers listed in 58 style categories, we've got a lot of info to get through. Sure you can sort beers by styles, breweries, name, etc., but why stop there? Now, in the blog section of the site (uh, you're here now) and the home page, you'll find a search box at the top of the page. You can put in your favorite beer term and see what we've got to about the subject. Search for different types of hops, locations, whatever you want (caveat: searching for the word "boobs" does not bring up much--not that I tried).

If that wasn't enough, we've also changed the format on how we display beer descriptions. On the beer page, the descriptions and stats are now listed directly below the beer, without all that fancy cursor-hovering-crap.

We know, there's a lot going on with the site. That's because there's a lot going on in the Portland beer scene. We'd just be cheating you if we didn't try to cram it all in, but this time, hopefully it's a little easier to find! As always, your comments help drive the direction of the site, so leave a comment or get in touch with us through our contact form and let us know what you think!