Wow, we just got the events list from the Oregon Brewers Guild and holy #%@%%$, it's good to be a beer drinker in Oregon! I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. Walking you through this one step at a time would take hours, and neither you or I have that kind of time if we're going to seriously prepare for July...


First of all, there is something going on every single day in July. There are bars that are specializing in rotating Oregon Craft Beer taps, food and beer specials, tastings, and brewery tours.

Here, There, and Everywhere

Many of the breweries in Portland will also be releasing special seasonals to commemorate the event, so check the list, find a beer, and show up for the tapping. Awesome, but not out of the ordinary for a town that doesn't need an excuse to release almost 100 seasonals each year. What's great about the beer scene out here in Portland is that breweries are not afraid to support other breweries. There is no "I, me, mine" attitude out here as you'll find places that not only release there own seasonals, but also call in kegs from other breweries around Oregon to showcase outside beer as well. There aren't many industries who display this kind of comraderie.

Oregon Craft Beer Month Beer Releases

Here are some of the beers being released this month:

  • Double Mountain: Double Mountain Pils
  • Hopworks: Washoe Weizen, Kentucky Christmas, Bourbon IPA, Bourbon DOA, Sunset Ale, Whoop Whoop Wheat
  • Laurelwood Brewing Company: Double Oregon Hefeweizen, One Day at a Time Weizenbock
  • Lucky Labrador: Winter Ales in July
  • New Old Lompoc: Lompizer
  • Rock Bottom: Blitzen Belgian Triple, Black Peter, Congo Queen, Belgian Wit
  • Rogue Ales: Latona Ale

Also, along with their many seasonal releases both Rock Bottome Brewery and Hopworks Urban Brewery are having blending events. As a flag-waver and marcher in support of beer blending, these events are at the top of my list.


There are also a lot of beer trivia events, dinners, the Concordia Cup (battle of the Oregon Imperial IPAs!), and a lot of Meet-the-Brewer events. Hell, there will even be a Festivus Pole at one of the parties! Who said you can't mix beer and religion?

Not Portland

We've been concentrating mostly on Portland events, but if you find yourself in one of these cities, check out the events in the area:
  • Ashland: Standing Stone Brewery
  • Astoria: Fort George Brewery, Rogue Ales
  • Bend: Deschutes Brewery, McMenamins
  • Corvallis: Oregon Trail Brewery
  • Eugene: Rogue Ales, Ninkasi
  • Hillsboro: McMenamins
  • Hood River: Full Sail Brewing Company
  • Lincoln City: McMenamins
  • Newport: Rogue Ales
  • Troutdale: McMenamins

If you live in Portland and step out of your front door in July, you'll be at a beer event. It's that easy. If you're visiting Portland, as soon as you step off the plane, you'll be at a beer event. There is so much going on in this town, you may need to take the month of July off.