Brewing grains.
Brewing Grains

As everyone (and their mothers) are reporting, it is now Oregon Craft Beer. In fact, my mother called and left me a message: "Matt, it's July. Don't forget it's Oregon Craft Beer month!" Like I need reminding!

As hyper-champions of beer blending, we at are excited to see a few events in support of this art. As Brett mentioned in an earlier post about beer blending, it seems to be a very polarizing issue among beer enthusiasts. Some cry out for the purity of the beer flowing out of the tap while others celebrate the countless possibilities when two or more beers meet in the same glass.

In our neck of the woods, there is only one rule when it comes to blending: You must intimately know the beers in the blend. This is not like the times when you were 12 and tried to fit all 7 of the Slurpee flavors into one cup because you knew it would piss off your brother who had the lack of foresight to choose more than one flavor. Like a sweet mix tape (yes, I'm a product of the 80's), each song needs to be a piece to the puzzle. You don't just throw random shit on a mix tape. It needs to have intention, a story, a mood , and most importantly and be exactly 45 minutes per side.

But, if it sounds intimidating, don't worry--we've got a few blending events this month that are overseen by professionals. See what they're all about. Scratch that--taste what they're all about. Ask questions. Get answers. And get confident to ask the bartender for that blend that you've always wondered about.

  • Every Tuesday in July: Check out "Rock Bottom's Tuesday Special Blend" at their downtown location.
  • Tuesday, July 22nd 3:00pm: "Hopworks Urban Brewery’s Special Blend Night" -- Christian, Ben, Jaime and one lucky Hopworks employee compete to see who can make the best Hopworks blended beer. Hopworks IPA+Velvet ESB blend? HUB Lager+Survival Stout+DOA blend? Something else?! This one will be crazy!