Ten 3oz. Imperial IPA samples and scorecard for the 2008 Concordia Cup.
Concordia Cup 2008

Imperial IPA lover? Get your butt to Concordia Ale House July 9th - July 13th for the Concordia Cup! Ten of the best Oregon Imperial IPAs battle it out for supremacy and your vote counts.

OK, now that the press release talk is over, let's get down to what's actually involved here. First of all, for all of you that think that beer bloggers have a great life--drinking beer, talking to brewers, and getting some free swag--here's what really involved. In order to get this post out before you have a chance to make it there yourself, I had to wake up at the crack of 11am, so that I could get there by noon. If that wasn't enough, my girlfriend and I were the the first to order sample trays for the 2008 event, just as the clock ticked 12:02: "Where are our ten Imperial IPAs?! It's after noon already--look at my watch!" Yeah, I embarrass myself sometimes.

And then the sample trays came. Good god. It's noon on a Wednesday and for $10 our kind server has brought us 10 3oz. samples of Oregon's finest Imperial IPAs--each. Yep, a total of 60 ounces of IIPAs sitting in front of us by 12:11. Man, I just woke up an hour ago. Sometimes you've got to take one for the team. I sighed, wiped the residual crust out of my eyes, and crossed my fingers that ten Imperial IPAs were going to be the new hangover cure of the decade. Despite my drowsiness, I was very excited to cut into these beers and pick a winner.

Concordia Cup 2008
Luckily, there was no ranking here. Just grab a scoresheet, drink all ten Imperial IPAs, and pick your favorite. Of course, this is a blind tasting, so it takes a little back-and-forth, a sip here, and a gulp to solidify your decision.

I picked the best one, and I'm sure that it will be the overall winner. Unfortunately, after polishing off all ten beers, I can't remember which one I picked--so no spoilers here.

Get down to Concordia Ale House and try your hand at this competition. You get to try some great beers, talk about some great beers, and consequently, get your ass kicked by some great beers.

[UPDATE] 2008 Concordia Cup Results (Imperial IPA):

1: I2Pa -- Rogue Ales [Fifth Place]
2: Hopness Monster -- Deschutes Brewery (PDX) [First Place]
3: C-Note -- Lompoc Brewing
4: Tricerahops -- Ninkasi Brewing Company
5: Perfect Storm -- Willamette Brewing (Debuting as Oakshire Brewing)
6: Green Mammoth -- Laurelwood Brewing Company [Second Place]
7: Hopasaurus Rex -- Steelhead Brewing
8: Molten Lava -- Double Mountain Brewery [Third Place]
9: King Screamer -- Deschutes Brewery (Bend) [Fourth Place]
10: Blue Dot -- Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

These results are courtesy of Patrick's comment on the Rooftop Brew Blog, so please go visit them!

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