They're perfect for sticking on passed out strangers at brewfests!
Bend Brewfest 2007

We've got a stack of 200 stickers and we're giving them away to you, our loyal readers. Over the last few years, our readership has grown exponentially, we've gotten a lot of helpful feedback (mixed in with the ever-entertaining drunken rambling emails and phone calls). In the past, we've given away t-shits and Ultimate 6-Packs, but this year, our checking account is a little low, so you get stickers.

But what's the catch? Well, I don't know if I'd call it a catch, but we ain't paying for postage. That's right, we're drawing a line in the sand. You're already getting free stickers, so stop complaining and just mail us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we'll send you back a couple of stickers. It's not necessarily the cost of the stamps, it's just that we're really freakin' lazy and fewer steps will ensure a quick turnaround.

So, just use our contact form, and write "I want some stickers!" or something similar. We'll email you back with our address information. Stickers
Show your support with the latest in sticker technology! On one side it's a durable logo--on the other, it's, well, sticky! Stickers
Even the recycleable backing has a life lesson!