Just a quick note about our beer blog navigation changes. For some reason, I thought it was a great idea to have the blog's navigation inside the blog area instead of inside the main navigation bar, thus creating two navigation areas, segregating the two areas of the site, and creating mass confusion about how to get to the content. If that sentence was confusing, it seems the navigation was even more confusing. And the solution was obvious to you, our loyal readers, but not to us--until now. So, thanks for your comments and insights on how to make portlandbeer.org easier to use!

Now you can find the blog categories conveniently in the navigation bar: Articles, Beer of the Month, Photos, Press Releases, and Ten Questions. This should allow the blog to fit in nicely with the other pieces of the site. Again, thanks for the suggestions, and keep 'em coming--we want to build a better Portland beer scene for everyone!