Hopworks Noggin Floggin' Barleywine [November 2008]

Well, we're back. Our Beer of the Month segment has been missing for a few months, but we're going to get back on track and make sure to keep this section up to date. We've got some napkin and coaster notes from past months, so we'll go back and fill in some earlier missed months as well.

November's Beer of the Month installment is Hopworks Noggin Floggin' Barleywine. The official description is

"Gunter glieben glauchen globen. Nuff said. ABV: 9.6% IBU: 90 Plato: 23.5"
While a novel description, it sure doesn't do this beer justice. In fact, there isn't enough that can be said about this beer. It is a very warming 9.6% ABV Barleywine that is not excessively sweet, but still has a complex malt bill. One things is for certain, the name is dead on: this beer will whip your brain.

Assertive hopping leans the needle towards overall bitterness rather than sweetness. There are both floral hints in the aroma and a citrus taste from the hops, and while noticable, they are well-tamed by the malt. While beers like this are very complex, it is this complexity that can unravel these beers. Complexity doesn't mean dumping everything in and crossing you fingers, it is the result of the ingredients playing well with each other. Luckily, everything in this beer plays well with each other.

But my words, while purposeful and poetic, are not the same as sitting down and enjoying this barleywine. So go grab some while it lasts!