Limited Space: New Old Lompoc's 5Q Brewery Cooler.
New Old Lompoc [5Q]

Portland is a land of ales. Lagers pop up as seasonals at a lot of breweries, but it's ales that dominate the Portland beer scene. Lagers are brewed the same as ales, with the exception of the yeast used. Lager yeast is a bottom fermenting yeast, that requires colder temperatures and a longer primary fermentation time than ales. Colder and longer fermentation has a large impact on breweries who have limited cooler space, as lagers have to age longer before it can be served. Many breweries rely on the ability to brew and serve beer as quickly as possible to make the most efficient use of limited brewing equipment, which usually means brewing ales.

There are many different styles of lagers such as Pilsners, Bocks, and Viennas, with colors ranging from extremely light to very dark. Like ales, there is quite a bit of variety in lagers. So, now you want a lager, right? They may be a bit harder to find in Portland, but luckily, Baily's Taproom is hosting a rare event where people can sample five different lagers from Portland's Lompoc Brewing Company:

"Please join us for a five month vertical tasting of 2008 Lompoc Brewing Co. Lagers Wednesday the 19th of November. Meet the brewers and tip a pint of our Summer through early Winter seasonal Lagers."
Here's the list:
  • Heaven's Helles 5% ABV Bavarian-style pale lager (July)
  • Saazall 5.5% ABV Bohemian-style dry-hopped Pilsner or lager (August)
  • Oktoberfest 5.0% Bavarian-style Maerzen or amber lager (September)
  • OktoBock 6.7% ABV Bavarian-style Bock or amber lager brewed with 5 lbs/bbl of fresh picked Crystal hops (October)
  • Saazilla 7.6% ABV Bohemian-style double Pilsner or pale lager brewed with over 2 lbs/bbl of Saaz hops (November)
All five of these 2008 cellared Lompoc Brewing Co. lagers will be available for one night. Flights of Five will be served as well as individual pints or glasses.

November 19th at:
Bailey's Taproom
213 SW Broadway
Portland, OR
4 pm until midnight