Many of you have asked for this feature, so here it is. For lack of a better name, we'll call it the "Find beers like this one" tool. I know it doesn't really roll off the tongue, but what's in a name anyway?

In our beer lists, you'll now see the tag "Find beers like this one" at the end of the description of many of the beers on the site. In order to be part of this feature, the beer must include a certain number of stats so that the tool can do it's job. For some beers, this information is not available, and this feature will not be available.

To use this new tool, just click on the link under the description and our database monkeys will go to work and deliver a list of similar beers. I know, it seems like magic, but it's really only monkeys making guesses, pushing buttons, and flipping switches. These monkeys compare styles, IBUs, ABV, Plato, and other proprietary weights and measure to give you the most accurate list.

So there you have it, one more tool in your arsenal for finding great Portland beer! As always, keep sending us your feedback and do our best to make this your Portland beer home!