Beer + Photos = Prizes!
Generic Beer Photo

A Good Beer Blog and Stonch's Beer Blog are putting on their annual Yule Beer Blog Photo Contest. The original posts talk about the rules and the first round of prizes, but keep checking back with their blogs for prize updates, as they just keep rolling in.

I've working with both blogs to get some local breweries involved with prizes and so far Laurelwood Brewing Company and Hopworks Urban Brewery have stepped up to offer prizes. Laurelwood is offering a gift box consisting of four pint glasses, t-shirt, and hat. Hopworks is offering a growler, organic beer growler fill, and organic t-shirt. I'm also waiting to here back from a couple of other Portland breweries, so we may get a few more Portland prizes on the list.

So get your photos in. It's free. And you could win cool stuff!

I know that there are already more prizes that aren't listed on the blogs yet, but as of today, here is the current list of goodies:

There are three UK-only prizes:

  • From Beer-Ritz, Britain's bestest online beer retailer and this site's generous sponsor, an international selection of a dozen harder-to-find dark ales, stouts and porters.
  • From BrewDog, Aberdeenshire (the closest thing to rock stars in the beery firmament), two mixed cases of their singular concoctions.
For Ontarians, we have this to offer:
  • From Roland + Russell, beer importers, a gift basket of miscellaneous love and good feeling.
  • From Church-key Brewing of Campbellford, a brewery tour and lunch at their Stinking Rose pub.
For those in the USA:
  • From Flying Dog Brewery of Maryland, USA (and this is verbatim, because it makes no sense to me) "a Barrel-aged Gonzo, Humphrey the Humper dog, Gonzo Poster and Gonzo T-shirt".
  • Andrew Mason, brewer at Flossmoor Station Brewing, named best small brewpub in the USA at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival, has written an email and says "I'll make it a growler and a sampler when they come in". Andrew has also added an entry which makes him the only person to play both sides of the fence so far. That prize will have to go to someone local to the Illinois area.
Finally, for everyone, there's all of this lovely gubbins to be shipped to wherever the bloody hell you live:
  • From BrewDog, a signed t-shirt.
  • From Beau's All-Natural Brewing of Ontario, Canada, a hat and t-shirt.
  • From Shipyard Brewing of Maine, USA, three separate prizes of a Shipyard travel coffee mug and a Shipyard aluminum water bottle.
  • Ron Jefferies of Jolly Pumpkin of Dexter, Michigan USA - named one of that nation's top ten brewer's by Beer Advocate is adding a t-shirt. You will all know by now that I have a crush on Jolly Pumpkin so agreeing to joining in the photo contest is a great treat. I think that is going to be a global prize.
  • Widmer Brothers, makers of that new fine winter ale called Brrr has gone all over the top and has pledged SIX prizes of a t-shirt and a pair of glasses each which, I think, will be going to anywhere the planetary postal system can send them. Six! That is great.
  • Jeff Cunningham of the Cracked Kettle beer store in Amsterdam has announced in the comments that they will provide a Cracked Kettle t-shirt and a bottle of Westvleteren 12 for one lucky winner. Famously named best beer in the world in 2005, that sounds like one very impressive offer of some "collectible glassware" that will be most welcome anywhere.