Canon 50mm Lens: Maimed In Action.
Canon 50mm Lens: Maimed In Action

Well, it had to happen sometime. Today I say somewhat of a goodbye to a trusty companion who was maimed in the field this past weekend. A few days ago, my beloved Canon 50mm f1.4 lens took a dive off of a bench and was irreparably injured. Now to say that he was my most popular or most beautiful friend would be a lie and an insult to his past accomplishments, but he was always there when I needed him.

Like an old cop relegated to desk duty, my 50mm is now destined to spend the rest of his days in the studio, rather than accompanying me on my journeys around the Northwest. That he will still be of service makes me happy, but the lightness in my gearbag will always remind me that he is missing.

But, today he goes out on a high note, achieving the grand prize in this years 2008 Yuletide Beer Photography Extravaganza put on by A Good Beer Blog and Stonch's Beer Blog. After countless days spent at Portland's breweries in the heat, cold, dust, and humidity, his efforts have been honored. As I have said 100 times: I am not a photographer, just a tripod for my camera and lenses.

Roots Organic Brewing Company
Chip Conlon, Roots Organic Brewing Co.
This shot was taken with the 50mm at Roots Brewing Co. That day, Chip Conlon was running the brewery. If he wasn't brewing, he was cleaning. If he wasn't cleaning, he was racking. If he wasn't racking, he was back to brewing. And, when he had two free minutes, he was a Mexican wrestler. That's just how it goes in the early morning hours at Roots Organic Brewing Co.

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