Over the last few years, Laurelwood brewing company has seen some big changes. Original brewmaster Christian Ettinger left to start his own venture Hopworks. Taking the helm was Chad Kennedy. Without a dropping a pint, Laurelwood continued to put out it's stellar standard lineup and an enormous amount of seasonals. Soon after the roster change, Laurelwood opened up it's Sandy and 51st location. Now, they had a 7 barrel brew system at their 40th Avenue location and a 15 barrel system at their new location.

With the increased capacity, came an increased lineup of standard beers. The original lineup included Mother Lode Golden, Piston Pale Ale, 40th Street Amber, Organic Free Range Red, Organic Tree Hugger Porter, and Space Stout. Newly added beers Wry Pale Ale, Hooligan Brown Ale, and Workhorse IPA, topped off the standard lineup. Anyone who knows Portland IPAs, knows the name Workhorse. Not only is it an exceptional IPA, but it began outselling the beloved Boss IPA by quite a margin.

Growth is always great, but sometimes you have to make hard decisions. The new brewery at 51st Ave is now running near capacity as Laurelwood increases it's distribution and bottling and continues to stock it's full lineup of standard beers and pump out a lot of seasonals. In order to keep up with all of this, they have decided to consolidate their beer lineup. Both the Boss IPA and the Piston Pale Ale have been retired, but will pop up as seasonals. Workhorse IPA will now be available at all three locations and the new Hop Monkey IPA at the 51st and 40th Avenue locations.

So, while we'll be sad to see some old friends disappear, the new lineup will definitely be solid. One thing I've learned over the past few years is to trust Laurelwood when it comes to beer. Their standard lineup always offers great variety of styles and their seasonals compliment with the likes of Lagers, Black Imperial IPAs, and Russian Imperial Stouts.

Hop Monkey IPA
Hop Monkey is a balanced, assertively hopped IPA for the discerning beer drinker. Brewed with Northwest grown barley and hops, this beer features a citrusy hop aroma that’s complemented by a full, rounded hop flavor.

ABV: 6.4 %
IBUs: 60
Plato: 14.5