I have chosen to remove the article that previously occupied this spot. I was under no obligation. This was completely my decision. There was no pressure from anyone. While I hate to edit myself, I feel that this is the best move at this point.

Ultimately, the issue took a took a strange turn through the emails of support I received. Almost one hundred emails later, people came out of the woodwork (in a good way!) and bound together in a call to action. This call to action was in no way my intent in writing the article. While I appreciate all of the kind words, this post was not meant to be a cry for community boycotts and petitions. I've answered everyone personally on this topic, but the emails keep coming. So, I've decided to post this to make my point clear.

I would like to say thanks to everyone for their immense support: the beer community, breweries, and other businesses I've worked with in the past. So, well, thanks! Everything should continue normally from here on out...

PS: I've enabled comments on this post as usual, but please don't discuss any material from the previous post if you were fortunate enough to see it. Feel free to bash me for the act of pulling a post. Feel free to bash me for my haircut.