Laurelwood Brewing Company
Laurelwood Brewing Company, NE 40th Avenue

Two big releases coming up this month show off two drastically different styles. First up is Laurelwood Brewing Company's release of it's Olde Reliable Barleywine:

"This strong, deeply complex beer is truly for the connoisseur. Olde Reliable gets its rich color and flavor from loads of Pacific Northwest malt and an especially long boil. A dose of brown sugar in the boil add to the unique character of this ale. ABV: 10%, IBUs: 90, Plato: 22."
This is a fantastic barleywine! It was bottled last year and I picked up four bottles. One was to drink, the other three were for my cellar. Within two weeks, all three in the basement made their way back up the stairs in an irresistible march into my stomach. I expected to try it again this year with a little more self control, but unfortunately, they aren't bottling it this year. So get it while you can! It debuts February 11th at the NW location and will make it's way through the Sandy locations soon.

BridgePort Brewing Company
BridgePort Brewing Company
Next up is BridgePort's Fallen Friar Tripel Belgian Style Ale:
The Fallen Friar 22-ounce Big Brew combines German pilsner malt and Pacific Northwest wheat malt with German Hallertau and Czech Saaz hops. However, the secret that lies behind this brew is in the cloves, banana and spice from fermentation with a selected strain of Belgian yeast, and with slight oak overtones from French oak wine barrels. IBUs: 20, ABV: 8.2%
This is the next beer in BridePort's 22oz Big Brew series. This beer is very limited with a production of only 700 cases. It's will be available at select stores in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho.

While BridgePort has a solid lineup of standard beers, they are really stepping up to the plate with their Big Brews series. These beers include: 2007 Hop Harvest Fresh Hop Ale, 2008 Old Knucklehead Barleywine Style Ale, 2008 Stumptown Tart Belgian Style Ale, 2008 Hop Czar Imperial IPA, and 2008 Raven Mad Imperial Porter. I didn't make it to the media preview, so I haven't tried it yet, but based on the other beers in this series, I'll definitely grab some when it hits the shelves.

Free samples will be available at the BridgePort Brewpub downtown on February 19th from 5p-8p. Bottles will also be available for purchase and you can even grab some food from the night's Belgian inspired menu.