Jonathan Berry and Brian Kielty of Lompoc Brewing. Not pictured: [the other guy]
New Old Lompoc [5Q]

Get out to the Green Dragon tomorrow night to check out some great beers and meet up with the brewers from the New Old Lompoc's 5th Quadrant: Jonathan Berry, Brian Kielty, and [the new guy]. I met up with all three of them at the Firkin Fest this past weekend, and unfortunately, due to several cask ales and lack of a notebook, I forgot [the new guy's] name. Despite the lack of his name on the chalkboard and other promotional material, I assure you that [the new brewing dude] will also be there.

The 5th Quadrant are expanding their operations with a new cellar, lots of barrels for aging, and a taproom, hopefully launching at the beginning of May. How will this affect their offerings? Go to the Green Dragon tomorrow and ask them yourself! 6p-8p.