My dad, the dissident. This scene is from our family's first annual Cellar Series. I've been stocking up on beer for next year's series, so I took a look through last year's photos and found this one. The Fermented Photo post usually comes out on Fridays, but I wanted to wait until today to post this special Father's Day edition.

While my brothers and I were stuck in college in South Carolina, my dad made his way out to Colorado. During our frequent visits out West, my Dad introduced us to the growing Colorado beer scene. Every night, we ran around filling up our empty growlers with different beers and then re-emptying them. This was our first exposure to the concept of "To Go" beer from breweries. Going back to South Carolina was always a disappointment for our beer palettes as the selection of American craft beer was extremely limited--which in fact, is a gross understatement. We kept our eyes on the Colorado beer releases so that we would know what to look for when we arrived in town. Although that usually didn't matter since we ended up trying one growler of everything by the end of out trip.

Since those days, one of my brothers and I bunny-hopped over Colorado and made it to Portland, where we were fairly prepared for the beer scene that awaited us, thanks to my Dad. A few years ago, he also made his way out West and landed in Seattle. Now, throughout the year, I collect some of my favorite big beers and throw them into the cellar until our annual New Year's Day Cellar Series up at his house.

Those that know my Dad would find it very funny to label him a Dissident, but when it came to the craft beer movement, he thought outside the box--and brought us along for the ride.

Cheers, and Happy Father's Day Dad!New Year's Day Cellar Series