How do you make a night of local music, printmaking demonstrations, inanimate works of art being serenaded by minstrels, video installation viewing and endangered language preservation better? Well, much like everything else, you add beer. The answer of “adding dinosaur boxing” would have also been acceptable.

This Saturday (9/19) the Portland Art Museum will host a unique event entitled Shine a Light. From 6pm until midnight, for the cost of only 12 American dollars, you can experience all those things listed about and sample 3 art-inspired brews from Laurelwood, New Old Lompoc and Lucky Lab. And just to clarify what that means, brewmasters from each of the breweries were given a tour of the Portland Art Museum. During the tour they each selected a work of art to “inspire” the creation of a new brew. Then they will bring that beer to the Portland Art Museum where you will be able to taste it while witnessing children dressed like Erskine Wood walking around. Seriously, children will be dressed like Erskine Wood. Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

So on Saturday come to the Portland Art Museum, have a drink and feel free to say “hello” to yours truly. I will be the sad security guard who is unable to have fun or partake in art beer. Yep, I am a security guard.