A notebook, a list, and a couple of beers.
2009.03.07 - Barleywine Festeroon

Five years ago, this site started out as an idea on a napkin. We've gone from tracking a few beer releases between friends in town, to serving over 150,000 pages each year to users all over the world (96 countries in the last few months, according to a quick glance at the stats).

Sunday's site relaunch was implemented for several reasons. We wanted to make sure that the content was easy to find, especially in cases where there is a lot of data. So, beers are now easier to find, sort, and compare; maps are a bit more interactive; and the blog is much more organized. There are also a lot of behind the scenes features that were added to make it easier for us to get the content up and delivered to all of the areas of the site as well as to the users subscribing to our feeds. This makes our overall process much easier, allowing us to focus on the content, and not trying to unravel the ever-growing technology infrastructure.

We are also going to be experimenting with different advertising options. We will keep these as out of the way as possible, but as the site and traffic grow, we need this to offset our costs. This site is a labor of love, and we've never made a cent from running it. But we do incur costs to keep it up and running and those costs grow as the site grows. We've never intended to turn this into a money making machine, but we also never intended on investing so much money into it. So, these ads are just a simple way of offsetting these costs. Our primary goal is getting Portland beer information out to you, so if you ever feel that our advertising is intrusive, please let us know.

As for the future, well, we're going to need some help. We'd like to bring on a few more contributors to make sure that we're not missing anything. Nope, we don't pay. However, you get media access to some of the events, you get to propose and write your own stories, you get a better excuse for drinking so much beer, and glorious local fame. If you see yourself as a lover of beer, a writer of tall tales, and a self-motivator, get in touch. Use our contact form to let us know you're interested and we'll give you more details.

Of course, many of these changes were made because of suggestions by you—so if you have any other ideas, get in touch.  Cheers!