Beer Ratings System.
Beer Ratings

In order to personalize your experience at our site, we're investigating the world of beer rating.  There are plenty of sites that let you review and rate beer, but we want to do something a little different.  Most sites will compile ratings and offer them to the world at large to keep a current tally on worldwide beer tastes.  It's great for the history books, but as selfless as you might be, wouldn't you like a little something in return?

We'd like to take our site one step further and have it feel like a tailor made suit.  Our rating system will simply act as a trigger for certain events.  Do you have twenty-three five star beers on your list?  Well, every time any of those beers are re-released, we'll let you know.  Ever wander the streets and wonder how close your four or five star beers are?  You rate the beers, set the threshold, and we'll let you know.  Simple as that.  Well, simple for you once we go through the painstaking process of implementing these features.

There is also some benefit to the cloud of combined data.  If one hundred locals give a beer a five star rating, and you haven't tried it, wouldn't you like to know?  We think that is a beneficial aspect to the data we collect, so we'll turn that over as well.  Your ratings will always remain private to you, except where they are anonymously featured as part of the bigger ratings cloud.  So, we'll be working on ways to make this aspect beneficial as well.

So, we're looking for Beta testers for this new ratings feature.  If you're interested in lending a hand, please get in touch with us through our contact form and let us know you'd like to help.  As always, we rely on your suggestions to keep us growing in the right direction.

Cheers! Matt