Laurelwood's Auld Battle Axe. This year, for their limited addition 1 Liter swing-top release, Laurelwood brings us a Scotch-style ale.  This is a style that's not seen too often around Portland.  Big on malt, high in alcohol, and very low on bitterness, this falls way outside of the comfort zone of many a PDX hop head.  But during these last few bitter cold days, this beer really hits the spot--warming you up from the inside with its 10% ABV.  Roasty, nutty, and sweet, this beer is a great example of a Strong Scotch Ale.

My fingers are crossed that some is tucked away in a single oak barrel.  Hmm, maybe a bourbon, scotch whisky, or sherry barrel.  And there it will sit, until March, just before Winter breaks.  And I will get an anonymous call, just a whisper,  saying "Matt, get to Laurelwood quickly!  They've just tapped the barrel of lightly aged Auld Battle Axe and they want you take take the inaugural sip.  Hell, they've even named this edition after you: Matt's Barrel-aged Battle Axe..."

Well, while I'm dreaming, I might as well make it great, right?  Laurelwood, I'll be waiting by the phone.Laurelwood's Auld Battle Axe