PDX, Dogs, and Beer: Otto von Zitzewitz.  Before anyone asks what this has to do with beer: I was drinking one while I took the photo.   Portland goes together with dogs, just as it does with beer.  All three can even go together with outdoor seating or even "dog-friendly" breweries like the Lucky Labrador.  My dog Otto is absolutely nuts.   He's either literally running in circles (kitchen, backyard, living room, etc.), jumping in the air after squirrels, or bounding against the front window at the white fluffy bunny that's always hopping down my street.  And no, it's not the same as a pink elephant—Otto sees it as well.  For some reason, he was quiet on the couch last night and I grabbed the camera so that I could prove to myself and others that he isn't always a blur.

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Dogs and Beer: Otto von Zitzewitz