Flat Tail Brewing, Corvallis, OR.
Flat Tail Brewing, Corvallis, OR

As we continue our journey South of Portland, we end up at Flat Tail Brewing.   But things have become out of sync since the information in this article is a bit out of date with what's currently happening at Flat Tail Brewing.   When we were invited to check out the establishment in mid-February, they were on track to open the restaurant side of the business soon: the kitchen was just getting finished, the bar was installed, and the brewery consisted of a few shrink-wrapped tanks.   So for us, no food sampling, no beer tasting, just a huge near-empty space that would soon turn into Flat Tail Brewing.

In a building that used to be a dairy until the 1960's, four people partnered up to bring Corvallis it's first sports-themed restaurant and brewery.   Iain and Tonya Duncan (owners of three other restaurants in Corvallis: Le Bistro, Aqua and Terzo) have teamed up with the owners of Callapooia Brewing in Albany, Mark Martin and Laura Bryngelson.  Combining sports and beer is a great combination in a town like Corvallis, known for it's local and incoming fanbase coming out to support all of the Beavers teams.  Creating a space that reflects this combination is the goal of the owners, who chose to start their operation in a huge building along picturesque Willamette River waterfront.

Flat Tail Brewing, Corvallis, OR
Mark Martin, partner in crime at Flat Tail Brewing.

With 5,000 square feet reserved for the brewery, the restaurant will occupy 11,000 square feet when the building transformation is complete.   Calapooia Brewing will be contracting the initial batches of beer for Flat Tail as the initial 6 bbl system is set up in the building.  This is the starter system for Flat Tail who plan to scale up to a 15 bbl system which will also include a bottling line.  The final plan is to fill up the 20 taps with Flat Tail beers, one brewed root beer, and 4-5 guest taps.   Their idea is to showcase other Corvallis breweries like Block 15 and Oregon Trail in the guest spots.

Since our visit, Flat Tail opened it's doors to the public during the last week of February.  As of April 2nd, I noticed a Facebook post about the concrete drain ditches being cut in the brewhouse, but I'm sure how close they are to brewing on site now that it's already May.  If anyone has visited recently, or knows the scoop, please comment and let everyone know!

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