2009.02.27 - Concordia Ale House Beer Brawl II

2010 Washington Cup contenders and winners (in the order on the taster tray):

  1. Mac-N-Jacks African Amber
  2. Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA (4th place)
  3. Baron Uberweiss
  4. Diamond Knot XIPA (2nd place)
  5. Salmon Creek King Salmon IPA
  6. Hales SuperGoose IPA (1st place)
  7. Everybody's Seasonal IPA
  8. Lazy Boy IPA
  9. Dick's Imperial Red (3rd Place)
  10. Walkingman's Knuckle Dragger

The Washington Cup decides who will captain their state's team in the upcoming Beer Brawl IV: Concordia Ale House's great event pitching California, Oregon, and Washington against each other on a single taster tray of twelve beers.  Each state participates in their cup race to decide who their team captain will be for the Beer Brawl event.  The winning teams then pick pick beers from any brewery in their state to represent four categories: Pale Ale, Imperial IPA, Stout, and Brewer's Choice.  These beers then end up in your lap on a blind, twelve beer tasting tray, and you get to cast your vote for the best.  Last year, with over 2400 votes cast for Washington and Oregon, Washington won by only 5 votes!  So if you've ever said that your vote doesn't count, come to Beer Brawl IV this February at Concordia Ale House and let your voice be heard!