I'll be honest and upfront right at the beginning of this post: I have been to camp before.   My parents used to send me away for the summers to a camp up in the Northeast Appalachians where I learned to shoot bow and arrows, ride horses, and break curfew.  Now I've got the chance to do it all again, except this time with beer (although probably without the bow and arrows).  Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is holding their Beer Camp again, where winners can get an all access pass to check out their operations.

From the website: "Here at the brewery, you see, feel, taste, and experience everything that Sierra Nevada has to offer.  You'll get an in depth tour of our facilities, including our brewhouse, barley fields, cellar, and hop rooms.  Jump on our one-of-a-kind Bar Bike and cruise the brewery with stops at the bottling line and hop yard.  Meet with the 'mad beer scientists' in our Quality Assurance and packaging laboratories to learn the science behind beer storage and chemistry.  Stop in our taproom at lunch, and return that evening for the ritual 'tapping of the cask!'".

I've entered this year's contest in hopes of going down to Chico and documenting my experience about their facility, people, and process.   The original submission is above, but please go and visit my entry in the contest area and click on the "Like" button to show your support!