Beer To Do List

One feature that dropped off of our site in the redesign was the beer to-do lists.  It wasn't an accident, it just wasn't incorporated at the time.  Our designer (me) and our developer (me) were butting heads when we were deciding on which features to roll out with the first iteration of the site.  Our developer won the fight and was able to shorten his own to-do list by dropping this feature and concentrating on the long list of other upgrades.  Unfortunately, our community relations director (me) had to deal with the backlash and finally got it back into the programming rotation.  So now, we re-present: Beer To-Do Lists!

The idea is simple: go to the Beer List Page and create your own custom list by styles or breweries.  Then, just click on the "Save current list to PDF"  icon on the right.  You'll get a custom PDF listing the beer name, style, stats, brewery, and a ultra-tiny notes area.  We can change the format based on the feedback we receive, so let us know what you think!

One thing to keep in mind, is that while we are trying to track every single beer in Portland, it's a tough job—especially since we tend to try and drink them all as well.  We keep our lists as up to date as possible, but a lot of seasonal releases slip through the cracks.  We also strive to serve as a type of beer historical record, so you'll see a lot of one-time-only releases on the list that may have popped up a long time ago, never to be seen again.  We decided to leave those on the list as it gives a good indication of what the brewery is all about, regardless of whether all the seasonals on the list are currently on tap.