Migration Brewing Taps

Recent summer days have seen the patio at Migration Brewing brimming with all kinds of Portland beer drinking enthusiasts.  This is what co-owners Mike Branes, McKean Banzer-Lausberg and Colin Rath hoped for when they opened Migration in February of this year.

When it first opened, the brewpub saw a slow start.  Beginning with only guest taps, Migration remained wrapped up in bureaucratic logistics until April, when they were finally cleared to serve their own brews.  They worked with only two fermentation tanks for the first few months of brewing, before receiving a third tank earlier this week and word of a fourth arriving later this month.  Now, they hope to begin brewing more varieties — Mike tells me that he's in the process of finishing a fourth recipe by the end of this month — and possibly distribution.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by Migration and grab a pint (Happy Hour is from 3p.m. - 6p.m. Monday thru Friday).  You'll probably find one of the owners pouring beers behind the bar. I stopped by earlier this week to try the brews they currently have on tap.  I'm looking forward to seeing what brews will be coming out of Migration in the future.

Clem's Cream Ale

This beer has a nice milky texture with a light finish.  It's pale in color and even-balanced in taste.  It has a nice sweet aroma.  This is a light beer with a great flavor.  4.6% ABV 24 IBU

Honey Dew Ale

This is no ordinary Northwest Pale Ale.  Brewed with Noble hops and honey malt, this ale has a subtle hoppiness that contributes to its light floral aroma and crisp finish.  6.2% ABV 54 IBU

MPA (Migration Pale Ale)

This ale performs a tight-rope balancing act between an IPA and a Pale Ale.  The aroma is crowded with Cascade Hops, but the flavor comes out subtle.  It's a mild amber in color.  This ale is brewed with English Hops and English Malts.  5.5% ABV 55 IBU