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Never content to be just another blog like this one, is throwing yet another event in Portland. This one marks the second anniversary of the site, and what a short, not-so-strange trip it's been. In fact, in the meager two years the site has been around, Angelo and Co. have thrown a lot of events, written countless articles on beer in Portland and elsewhere, and somehow, has covered almost every event in town, from festivals to the sound of one bottle opening somewhere in the Southwest.

But are they throwing just another event? Nope, that would be too easy. Due to Angelo's ability to be at every event in Portland at once (he showed me how to do it, but I'm not good at temporal math), he's made a lot of friends and drank a lot of beer. Couple that with a knack of actually getting things done (maybe that's Margaret's job though), you'll find some unique beers and some great Portland beer drinkers. The best part about the Portland beer scene, besides the beer, is the community., their following, their events, and Portland venues that support them make for a great time for everyone in attendance. So, come on out and raise a glass with & Co., you now have five more glorious excuses to drink more beer (as if you need it).

SIDENOTE: As a competitor, I'm not going to let them off with just a rosy post about how awesome they are. There is always a price to pay. And here it is: enjoy my new favorite Brewpublic logo! I have a feeling this will start popping up everywhere... Angelo

Wednesday October 20
Killer Beers of Bend @ The BeerMongers 1125 SE Division Street Portland, OR 5PM

Special kegs from:

  • 10 BarrelDouble Woody Cabernet -- deep amber brown colored brew that is spicy and complex. Not as much fruitiness as the Belgian Strong Dark Ale but with some dark fruit aromas and flavors. Mild hop bitterness from Sterling and Saaz additions but with no lingering hop flavors.  Featuring 2-Row Pale, Aromatic, Munich, Cara-Pils, Biscuit, Caravienne, Special B, and Black malts as well as Demerara Sugar. For extra complexity this beer was aged in Leonetti Cabernet Barrels for 8 months.  If you’re looking for a very unique and complex beer, give it a run. Served appropriately in a snifter. 7.7% ABV, 26 IBU.
  • Bend BrewingOktoberfest -- From one of Oregon’s most acclaimed brewers, Tonya Cornett, comes this seasonal special seasonal brew. Reddish brown in color with an inviting toasty aroma with notes of caramel, nuts and some fruitiness. This crisp and malty lager features Pils, Dark Munich, and Munich malts and is spiced with Perle and Liberty hops. 5.8% ABV, 30 IBU.
  • Boneyard BeerDiablo Rojo -- This tasty devil is an American-style red ale with a welcoming amber hue. Balance of malt complexity with American hop varietals. Liberally spiced with Perle, Chinook, and Cascades without overpowering a malt underpinning constituted of Crystal, Pale, Munich malts with the addition of Roasted malt for color. 6% ABV, 47 IBU.
  • DeschutesBenderweiss -- Willkommen! The first traditional Berlinerweisse brewed at Deschutes Brewery is a real mind-bender: Three fermentations (weiss yeast, lactobacillus, and wild yeast) produce a light & sour refreshing beverage! 5% ABV, 18 IBU.
  • Silver MoonBridge Creek Pilsner -- The Bridge Creek Pilsner is a crisp Czech Style lager brewed cold. Using European hops and traditional yeast and malts, this Pilsner is light, pleasing and plentiful. Bronze medal winner in the Bohemian-style Pilsner category at 2010 Great American Beer Festival. Prost! 4.7% ABV, 9.5 IBU


Thursday October 21
Killer Beers of Washington (aka Washington State of Brewphoria Fest) @ By The Bottle 104 W. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, WA 4PM

Special kegs from:

  • Anacortes
  • Airways
  • Big Al's
  • Black Raven
  • Boundary Bay
  • Foggy Noggin
  • Flyers
  • Fremont
  • Naked City
  • Silver City
  • Snipes Mountain
  • and more!


Friday October 22
BREWPUBLIC Brewniversary Party! @ Saraveza Bottleshop & Pasty Tavern 1004 N. Killingsworth Portland, OR 5PM

Celebrate Brewpublic's 2nd Birthday with some Killer brews and some giveaways! There will also be a special beer-art video installation by Matthew DiTullo. Special kegs from:

  • Barley Brown's
  • Bear Republic
  • Block 15
  • Cascade
  • Ninkasi
  • Oakshire
  • Pike
  • Southern Tier
  • Upright
  • and more!


Saturday October 23
KillerBeerFest! @ Bailey's Taproom 213 SW Broadway Portland, OR 4PM

On this special night, Brewpublic has curated a line-up of never tasted before beers from the Pacific Northwest. barrel-aged brews, Belgian-style specialties, fruit and spice beers, and other mind melting one-of-a-kind and one-off brews. Most of these beers will not be available again. Bailey’s provides a great environment for tasting these beers. Look for kegs from:

  • Astoria—Blueberry Lambic—A special Belgian-style keg for this fruity beautiful purple colored beer has made its way to Portland from Astoria. Brewer John Dalgren employed a Wyeast blend to ferment out the beer and added 165 pounds of blueberries and an additional 3.5 pounds to each keg. Brettanomyces was added along with oak chips soaked in wine barrels and aged for five months.
  • Barley Brown’s—Trappist Strong Ale—Here is the first Belgian-style brew from one of Oregon’s most accomplished brewers, Shawn Kelso. Featuring a 2-row base with 60, 80, & 120 crystal malts along with some Munich Bonlander, a touch of rye malt and flaked oats. The hops are Simcoe to bitter and Amarillo for flavor. The taste is quite estery with hints of plums and dried dark fruit. This prototypical beer features bold depth and distinct mahogany color.  8% ABV, ~50 IBU.
  • Block 15—Jack Straw—Stong amber ale brewed and matured with house roasted locally grown sweet meat pumpkins.  Gently spiced with Ceylon Cinnamon, Jamican Allspice, and whole nutmeg. Further conditioned with a touch of black strap molasses. 7% ABV 25 IBU's
  • Breakside Brewery—Ghost Chile IPA—A traditional American IPA brewed with six C hops (Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Citra, and Crystal) and a killer twist: the infamous Naga jolokia (aka "Ghost chile") pepper, the hottest chile on earth, was added during the boil to give this beer an extra punch. 6.2% ABV, 63 IBU, Scoville rating: Unknown.
  • Beer Valley—Jackalope Pumpkin Ale—Here is the first veggie beer brewed by Beer Valley Brewing, Oregon’s easternmost brewery from Ontario. Brewed with 2-row, Munich, Caramel malts, flaked barley and pumpkin puree. Hopped with Cascades. 7.5% ABV.
  • Cascade—Beck Berry—This Northwest-style sour blends tripels and strong blondes that were lacticly fermented and aged more than a year with blackberries in oak barrels. Then, a secondary inoculation was done with a recently isolated plumbers strain of Brett called Beckamoyces Aasskraquii. Some sour cherries were blended in to give this beer some pucker.  This is a rare beer; once it¹s gone, it’s gone. 8% ABV.
  • Coalition—Liquid Sterling—Liquid Sterling is a both a single hop and a fresh hop common ale. Sterling hops were used throughout, with 100 pounds of fresh Sterlings in the back end to lend its unique taste and aroma.  A blend of 2-row and Vienna malt for the base give it a lagery crispness, with Caramunich and British Crystal malts used for to give sweetness and color.  4.8% ABV, 37 IBU.
  • Double Mountain—Killer Green Fresh Hop IPA—One of Oregon’s most beloved beers among hopheads, Killer Green features fresh Brewers Gold hops from Sodbuster Farms in Hopmere, Oregon. The base brew for Killer Green is a nice hefty IPA recipe, featuring a toffeeish malt character and enticingly earthy orange-hued color. The mouthfeel is rich and resinous, the flavors a complex mix of sweet, spicy, herbal and fruity; the finish is long and memorable, with a smooth yet powerful bitterness. In a word — Killer! 7.2% ABV, 83BU.
  • Fort George—Kentucky Coffee Girl—A special batch of Fort George’s Coffee Girl Stout, an imperial stout dry hopped with eight pounds of Ethiopian Halle Sclassie Sodamo coffee beans. The beans give a bit of a fruity taste along with hints of cardamom, cream, ginger and caramel. This batch is a perfect blend for our coffee girl beer that has a strong malty and chocolate taste. The beans have been sitting and aging with the beer aged in bourbon casks. 9.5% ABV.
  • FiftyFifty—Totality Imperial Stout—California’s lone brew at this event, Truckee’s FiftyFifty brewing was kind enough to part with this truly killer Imperial Stout that is ‘to die for.’ Brewer Todd Ashman calls it a “good 'ol Impy Stout.”  It is the base beer for the brewery’s high regarded and ultra rare Eclipse. 9.5% ABV.
  • Gilgamesh—Fresh Hopped Oktoberfest—Brewed with heavy doses of Vienna and Munich roasted malts, creates a slightly malty body with nut and bread notes. Finished off with a heavy helping of fresh Willamette hops just off the vine, leaving a big hop finish and light fresh cut grass aroma. The perfect beer for starting the fall season. 5.8% ABV, 20 IBU.
  • Laurelwood—Bay Laurel Ale—Loaded with a plenitude of malts and hops, Laurelwood Brewmaster Chad Kennedy says this beer is “One of the more unique beers we’ve created.” This pale ale is made with six different malts including, barley, rye and wheat as well as four varieties of hops. To make it even more exciting, the beer contains fresh Bay Laurel leaves that were added in the fermenter and conditioning tank “a balanced pale ale with the pleasing aroma of fresh bay leaves- quite distinct from the dried version.” 5.7% ABV, 40 IBU.
  • Mt. Tabor—Sibeerian Bull Imperial Stout—From one of our favorite new breweries to rear its head in 2010 comes this Russian Imperial Stout inspired by cold Russian winters and our fresh Bull Run water supply. Sibeerian Bull is a big, hoppy stout capable of delivering that knock-out blow. 10.8% ABV, 100 IBUs.
  • New Old Lompoc—Bourbon Barrel-aged Monster Mash—An Imperial Porter, Monster Mash features strong chocolate and roast flavors with a touch of red fruit. Originally released at The Monster Mash Bash, this supremely limited ’09 Bourbon Barrel Aged rendition was brewed on August 21 2009, aged in Bourbon barrels for 11 months and cellared for an additional two months. This Imperial Porter has a bold Bourbon aroma with chocolate and licorice flavors finishing with vanilla notes 8% ABV, 50 IBU.
  • Ninkasi—Oak-aged Total Domination—Citrus and malt interplay to make this NW Style IPA. 6.7 % ABV, 65 IBUS. We used Pinot Noir casks from King Estate Winery. The color was pulled from the wood for us leaving a neutral wood to work with. The casks were dry hopped three separate times. Once, with Crystal hops, then Amarillo, then Northern Brewer.  We also added three different additions of wood chips at the time of dry hopping. French Dark Roast Oak chips, then Light Medium Hungarian Oak, then Light Fresh American Oak.  The casks were topped off with more Total Domination, twice sent through the centrifuge and carbonated.
  • Lucky Labrador—Force of Nature—Here is a Pinot barrel aged imperial pale ale that melds chewy robust maltiness, bold Northwest hops and a mildly tart and fruity flavors brightened and given life by the wood. When it comes to killer beers, Lucky Lab knows how to help throw a party. 9.5% ABV, 85 IBU.
  • Oakshire—Collaborative Belly of the Evil Beast Imperial CDA—A special house blend of Oakshire’s Collaborative Evil Imperial Porter and Belly of the Beast Imperial Red.  Smooth notes of chocolate and roast overlay a firm citrus bitterness and mild hop aromas. ABV 8.8% IBU 50.
  • Pelican—Full House Imperial Brown—While celebrating our win of three Gold medals, two Silver medals and Large Brewpub of the Year at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival, one of our fans said, “Three golds and two silvers, that’s a full house!” This huge win inspired our brewers to come up with a celebration beer, and the Full House was born! Full House has a dark red-brown color, a solid foundation of caramel and cocoa-like chocolate malt, and a pronounced floral Northwest hop character. Full-bodied and full of flavor, Full House finishes clean, balanced, warming and satisfying. 8.3% ABV, 60 IBU.
  • Prodigal Son—Bruce/Lee Porter—Rich and chocolate-y with a strong coffee flavor. This is a robust porter not for the faint of heart. Composed of five different grains, the porter features specialty malts from four different countries. Vieena and melanoidin malts provide the backbone behind the strong roasted character. 7.5% ABV, 36 IBU.
  • Upright—Cask Four with Rose Petals—Brewers Alex Ganum and Gerritt Ill set aside this special batch of Four with the infusion of rose petals picked in Alex's yard. The Four base is a recipe that uses a good portion of wheat and incorporates a sour mash into the process to make it slightly tart and extra refreshing. It has delicate aromas and flavors that span a range of floral, grassy and herbal notes. The finish is extra dry and makes the beer a great beverage to pair with food, especially various cheeses and shellfish. Malts: Organic Pale, Organic Wheat, Organic Munich Unmalted: Rolled Wheat Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. 4.5% ABV.
  • Vertigo—Midnight Harvest VSB—This year we will be bringing our Midnight Harvest beer again.  Only this year we brewed an Extra Special Bitter known as Vertigo Special Bitter, or VSB.  Brewer Mike Haines says “The hops again came out of my backyard and there were only enough to brew about 1 barrel.”  This means the beer is exclusive to KillerBeerFest.
  • Walking Man—Hop-Along Fresh Hop IPA—You may have been fortunate enough to try this beer at one of the regional fresh hops fests, but Bailey’s Taproom is pouring the only keg at a Portland pub. Hop-Along is a fresh hop IPA using Cascades from Roy Farms in Yakima. A light and crisp malt backbone let's the hops be the showcase. Brewer Jacob Leonard says “We used Gambrinus ESB malt for the base and some light caramel malts for the specialty malts as well as flakes barley to lighten the mouthfeel. It has a wonderful peachy aroma mixed with some pine and a nice chewy hop flavor.” 6.9% ABV, ~60 IBU.


Sunday October 24
Beer Geek Brunch! @ The Hop & Vine 1914 North Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 11:30AM

In celebration of Brewpublic’s Two Years of service to the Northwest Beer Community, the Hop & Vine will help cure your hangover after several days of imbibing during Killer Beer Week. On Sunday, October 24 @ 11:30AM the good folks at The Hop & Vine will fill your belly with three courses of tasty brunch bites paired with some West Coast brews, as a treat we will be opening some special bottles to be passed around the table. Cost is $25 & space is limited, so call to reserve your spot today 503-954-3322.

  • Double Mountain Kolsh with Sautéed Greens & House Cured Bacon
  • The Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weisse with Smoked Trout & Roasted Poblano Peppers
  • Laurelwood Tree Hugger Porter with Raspberry Preserve & Nutella Whip Tort