Portlandbeer.org Android App (v0.8 Alpha)

You may have noticed the lack of regular posts, photographs, and original news. Sure, we've been passing along the same old press releases, and we're really fun at parties, but we've been slacking. At least that's what it looks like. In reality, we've been slaving away at a brand new way to have beer information in your pocket. Introducing, the brand new, yet unnamed, portlandbeer.org Android App.  Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

That's it. Just a tease. No more information at this point, unless you're one of the few lucky beta testers that wants to help us refine this into one of the necessities of the Portland beer geek. If you match all of the following attributes, please send an email to: THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED.

  • You know your way around an Android phone (you know how to install an app outside of the Android Market)
  • You'll devote at least a few minutes to helping improve this app (it is for you, after all)
  • You've emailed someone before and know what to do with that email address listed above.

That's it for now.  We've got some last minute bug fixes and we'll get back to those interested next week.  Thanks for the help!