Looking for something new on the shelves? Here are a few releases that will be hitting the stores, well, sometime.

While not new to draft lines, this is the first year that Hopworks' Galactic Imperial Red is being bottled. Draft description: "Our Galactic Imperial Red boldly goes where no Red has gone before. We gave it all the Centennial and Cascade hops we've got to bring the floral and citrus flavor and aroma to Warp 5. With a rich caramel malt structure strong enough to withstand any blackhole and a warming finish that can stave off the cold of space, one sip and you'll be calling it Number One."

Hopworks Galactic Imperial Red

No word on this one, but it's an easy guess that Nelson O'Ryely will be an IPA made with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand and a bit of Rye in the grain bill. Could be a great mix!

Widmer Brothers Nelson O'Ryely IPA

Black Butte XXIII is slated for a release date of June 25th, but as brewers say, "It's ready when it's ready." From Deschutes: "First brewed to celebrate our 20th anniversary, this anxiously awaited beer (which was never released in bottles in 2010) is considered an extreme cousin of Black Butte Porter. Generation 23 melds cocoa nibs, dark chocolate, orange peel, and chilies all aged in bourbon barrels to create a masterpiece of creative brewer whimsy. This year, our brewers worked hard to ensure that the recipe will hold up to our high quality standards and we are looking forward to releasing the beer in bottles once again."

Deschutes Brewery Black Butte XXIII