Just in: Below is the list of breweries and beers for the first annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival.  There is quite a wide variety of styles represented, from Gose and Farmhouse ales to Browns and Stouts.  Three are even a few blends and barrel-aged beers in the mix.  As we get closer to the festival, more beers will be announced for their indoor taplist of rare, on-of-a-kind beers.  The official press release:

The Portland Fruit Beer Festival set to kick off this June 11th and 12th at 7th and E. Burnside has announced the primary 15 beers and breweries that will occupy the main outdoor beer garden with another rare beer list to be announced later. The hand selected brewers and beers represent some of the best of the NW and beyond with the majority being local brewers like Hopworks Urban Brewery and Upright Brewing to neighbors like Ninkasi and Oakshire from Eugene. The PFBF also welcomes 2 of the best fruit beer brewers from out of the state New Belgium Brewing who will be debuting Oh La La a rasberry beer and Dogfish Head Brewing with their mouth puckering Festina Peche a Berliner-Weisse made with real Peaches.

As promised the beer list this year represents a creative and vast group of styles, techniques and fruits with even a few hoppy beers thrown into the mix such as Alameda Brewing’s Huckleberry Hound a version of their Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA with added Huckleberries or Breakside Brewery’s Mango IPA. Some of the more exotic offerings include Block 15’s Psidium a farmhouse ale made with Guava fruit, Laurelwood’s Pale Ale made with Southeastern Asian fruits and spices and Widmer’s Himbeere Gose mit dem Eibisch brewed with Rasberries and Hibiscus.

The first annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival is All-Ages and Free to enter and will also have a selection of natural Juices and Beer-infused Ice Creams for sale in addition to food from Tastebud and Burnside Brewing’s outdoor BBQ.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @FruitBeerFest and on Facebook as we will be announcing updates including when we tap some of the rare and one-off beers that are one of a kind in our indoor beer garden. We also now have a Webpage with all the information about this years festival.

Outdoor Beer Garden Tap List:

  • Alameda Brewing: Huckleberry Hound, Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA aged and "dry-hopped" with huckleberries.  ABV: 8.2% IBU's : 103
  • Beetje Brewing: Zure Krenten, A blend of fresh farmhouse ale, and a pale ale stored in a Pinot Noir barrel with champagne currants and dosed with lambic blend. Brewed with Pilsner, 2-row, wheat, crystal malts, and light touch of noble hops. ABV: 6%
  • Block 15 Brewing: Psidium, Rustic farmhouse ale matured with guava fruit. Brewed with Belgian Pilsner, French Pale & Wheat malts; Saaz & Citra hops; French farmhouse yeast. 6% alc/vol
  • Breakside Brewing: Mango IPA, Our flagship IPA brewed with a twist: we tweaked the recipe on our best selling beer to suit it to the flavors of fresh mango. Mango additions in the mash, kettle, hopback, and conditioning tank allow this otherwise-mellow fruit to complement and enhance the Citra, Cascade, and Ahtanum hop profile of this IPA. OG: 1.063 FG: 1.010 ABV: 6.8% IBU: approx. 55
  • Burnside Brewing: Gooseberry Berliner-Weisse, A slightly tart wheat beer with a mild fruitiness. This brew is lowly hoped ( 2ibu's ) and fermented with a lactic bacteria in addition to the German ale yeast resulting in the slightly sour finish. A percentage of this beer was put into french oak barrels and aged with 50 pounds of Washington grown Gooseberries. ABV: 3.35% IBU'S: 2.1
  • Dogfish Head: Festina Peche, A refreshing neo-BerlinerWeisse fermented with honest-to-goodness peaches to (get this!) 4.5% abv! Because extreme beers don't have to be extremely boozy!
  • Fort George Brewing: Badda BOOM! Cherry Stout, Coming in at 6.9% abv, rich and dark as a moonless night in the orchard, Badda BOOM! has 40 pounds of raspberries and Cherries mingling famously with the Belgian yeast esters and black barley bitters.
  • Hopworks Urban Brewing: Red Delicious Belgian Applebiere, An Abbey Ale crossed with a Cider and fermented with Chimay yeast.  51% Organic Wheat 49% fresh pressed Organic Apple Cider 6+% abv
  • Laurelwood: TBA, Pale Ale brewed with Southeast Asian Fruit and Spices
  • Lompoc Brewing: Cherry Wheat, A golden ale fermented with sour cherries.
  • New Belgium: Ooh La La, Ale brewed with Rasberries 8.5% abv
  • Ninkasi Brewing: Pinot Barrel-Aged Oatis with Cherries, Oatis Oatmeal stout with cherries aged in Pinot Noir Casks. 7.2 % and 50 ibus.
  • Oakshire Brewing: Blind Date , An Oat Brown Ale made with Organic Dates.  Blind Date is a medium bodied Belgian Brown Ale with a balanced bitterness from Calypso Hops.  It is crafted with juicy Organic Dates. It has hints of fruit, a touch of roast and a smooth silky texture from the oats. The beer finishes with a mild sweetness from the dates. 6% Abv
  • Upright Brewing: Barrel-Aged Pure Wit with Orange, A single cask version of our seasonal Belgian-style wit with a pound of dried sweet orange peel added to the barrel. This tart and hazy wheat beer has a tremendous nose but remains light and snappy on the palate. 4.5%
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing: Himbeere Gose mit dem Eibisch, Gose with raspberries and hibiscus ABV: 5.3% OG: 11.7P AE: 2.3P