The Ultimate 6-Pack Giveaway!

It's a simple idea and a simple process, so I won't water it down with dramatic prose: Rate 20 or more beers, and automatically be entered to win a $15 gift certificate from Belmont Station.  We'll be giving away at least two $15 gift certificates to you, our dedicated users.

If you're more of a "list" person, it breaks down like this:

  1. Go to the beer page: /beer/
  2. Login with your Facebook credentials on the right (a Facebook account is required 1)
  3. Rate at least 20 beers using the 5-star system next to the beers. You can bring up beer lists by brewery or by style. If you've already been using the system and have rated more than 20 beers, you're automatically entered into the contest.
  4. Wait patiently and rate more beers until June 15th 2011, when winners will be announced!

The motivation behind this free beer giveaway is simple as well: We want to create some momentum around our beer rating system. We think it's a great way to track your favorite beers, but also to give you a bird's eye view of what people are drinking—and enjoying—in Portland.

While we do our best to have most beers represented on our site, they aren't all there. If you feel like complaining that a beer isn't on the list, just contact us instead, and ask us to add it. We are a handful of people trying to track hundreds and hundreds of beers released every year in Portland. We do our best to drink every beer that comes out, but we miss some here and there.

If you win, you'll be getting a $15 gift certificate to Belmont Station. Because of this, it makes sense for you to be in Portland, or coming to Portland as well as being legal drinking age. Neither Belmont Station or anyone here will be shipping any beer, though we will mail the gift certificates anywhere.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention—several times— that there is no way to see how many beers you've rated. Well, instead of making you scan and count, I've added a link under the Facebook login button where you can view the beers you've rated. After you've logged in and rated some beers, you'll see a link on the right side under the Facebook button that says: "See the beers you've rated!" Click that and it will bring you to full list of beers you've rated. The text of that same link will then change to: "You've rated x beers!", giving you the total count. It's not pretty, but it's something I could get on the site quickly that does the job.

1 We merely use Facebook to authenticate our users. This makes our jobs much easier by allowing us to focus on beer and beer related information rather than writing a custom user authentication system. Your information is not used for evil. In fact, we are only asking for the information you've already agreed to share with everyone, nothing more.