The first annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival is less than two weeks away and the beer list is looking pretty darn delicious. They’re now up to 31 fruit beers being presented next weekend, which will include recently announced Burnside’s Marionberry Berliner-Weisse, to the rare rotating tap list. This is a slightly tart wheat beer with a mild fruitiness and fermented with a lactic bacteria in addition to the German ale yeast resulting in the slightly sour finish. Only one french oak barrel was made with Marionberries added directly to the barrel. ABV: 3.35% IBU'S: 2.1

In addition to the beer the Portland Fruit Beer Festival will feature snacks and drinks for all-ages. With previously mentioned food vendors like Tastebud, making wood fired pizzas and sandwiches on site to Burnside Brewing's BBQ, fresh 100% natural non-alcoholic juices and now Ice Cream too!

Fifty Licks

What can be better than delicious handcrafted fruit beers? How about delicious handcrafted ice creams made with fruit? This is where fine purveyors of that most glorious combination of sugar, ice and cream come in, Fifty Licks Well, ice cream is handmade too, only, they use only the finest local and direct trade ingredients and ditched the frozen can method. Every small batch of their unique ice cream is smooth and creamy, and available in a variety of delicious, creative flavors. We hope you'll agree that once you taste Fifty Licks, life will never be the same again. Flavors:

  • Tahitian Vanilla: We swirl fruity, tropical Tahitian vanilla with a hint of swarthy, smoky Mexican vanilla to create this epic ice cream. This will change the way you think about vanilla.
  • Maple with Bacon: Imagine crispy bacon piled high over stacks of maple-drizzled pancakes. Yummy maple ice cream studded with humanely raised, nitrate & hormone free bacon.
  • Caramelized Apple: Inside is a pint of award-winning Washington apple cider boiled down into a buttery, bittersweet caramel. The flavor of fresh, tart apples shines brightly.
  • Stumptown Coffee: Starring Stumptown's perfectly-balanced organic Latin American and East African coffee. They buy the beans directly from the farmers so everyone gets their fair share.
  • Slabtown Whiskey: Just down the street from our kitchen is House Spirits Distillery, Portland's finest purveyors of small-batch libations. Whiskey's fire is quenched by cream & sugar.
  • Coconut-Lemon-Saffron Sorbet: An alluring blend of creamy coconut milk and lemon, infused with saffron, cardamom, and star anise. This sorbet is an intoxicating journey down the silk road. A dairy-free delight. (Vegan)

Live DJ's Saturday & Sunday!

Saturday and Sunday the Portland Fruit Beer Festival will be host to two of the best DJ's in the Pacific Northwest spinning tunes all day.

  • Saturday June 11th: Forrest Avery - Representing as a DJ in the North West music dance scene since the mid 90s, Forrest Avery has over 15 years of experience rocking the party with almost any kind of music there is. As a performer he has proven his ability to please the crowd time and time again, and currently regularly headlines events in the Northwest, as well as all around the country. More recently, he has become a successful music producer, and over the past 2 years has had tracks released on some of the biggest labels in the dance music scene. His production work has primarily been within the electronic music genre, and this has sent him travelling far and wide to perform at clubs, and events all across the country, but Forrest built his reputation in our local area by doing eclectic mash ups of classic music styles with new school beats for crowds all around Portland. Due to his busy schedule it has been years since anyone has witnessed this kind of performance from him, but he’s making an exception for his beer geek peers. Get ready for a not to be missed throwback set from one of the staples of the Northwest Dj scene!  Free Mix Download:
  • Sunday June 12th: Dj Atom13 - Atom 13 is a homegrown digger of sounds from way out to the underground. Working to make a foreign sound that is familiar while keeping it fun and "off the record"...DJ Atom 13 spins records for the Rose City Rollers, Beulahland, Red Flag, Swift Lounge, Muu-Muu's and more and has been for 11 years playing out in the Portland area.

Brewvana: The Ultimate Brewery Tour Experience.

The Festival will also be partnering with Brewvana, who will be offering discounted trips on their bus to and from the Portland Fruit Beer Festival making a few stops along the way. For only $30 you get a ride to and from the festival plus a glass and ticket package that includes 1 gold flaked festival glass and 10 beer tickets. Below, is Brewvana’s bus schedule for pick-ups and drop-offs for the festival: Contact Ashley at Brewvana to find out their schedule and book a trip:  From the Portland Fruit Beer Festival press release:  "With this city overflowing with amazing, handcrafted beers, BREWVANA embraces its 'beer Mecca' culture and promotes local breweries by creating a one-of-a-kind tour experience that leaves you elated and buzzing with a sense of brewvana in the beer capitol of the world.

Brewvana's tours ALL INCLUSIVE and provide transportation to and from Portland's award winning breweries as well as smaller, upcoming breweries, a sit down lunch pairing beer with food, a tour of the brewing facility, beer 101, tasting 101, trivia, fun and more! They will take care of you every step of the way, making sure you have the best experience possible."

Additional Festival Information:

Portland Fruit Beer Festival would also like to remind everyone that the festival this year is FREE to enter as well as being ALL-AGES friendly!  Follow the festival on Facebook and Twitter for live updates now and during the festival!  Burnside Brewing is also now accepting entries to the PFBF homebrew competition. Drop off your entries with a form at the brewpub between now and June 3rd to be considered. Winners and prizes awarded during the festival. For all the details head to the Oregon Brew Crew page.

Well, there it is ladies and gents; all the reasons why you should be at the Portland Beer and Fruit Festival next Saturday and Sunday. And you know your mom always told you to add more fruit to your diet, but she never said it couldn’t be in beer!