I just wanted to do a quick recap of the free beer ratings contest. Listed below are the ratings before the contest started, and then a week later. The sheer volume of ratings has increased from sitting in the hundreds to jumping into the thousands!  Seven new beers jumped into the top twenty, and that means that seven beers had to drop off.  Deschutes Brewery and Cascade Brewing are dominating, taking up a total of thirteen spots in the top twenty.  Making appearances, and keeping the field from being completely overrun are: Laurelwood Brewing, Hair of the Dog, Lompoc Brewing, and Hopworks Brewing.

Some notable missing breweries are Widmer Brothers, Upright Brewing, Full Sail Brewing, BridgePort Brewing, and a few others.  I wouldn't take the omission of these places as a reference to the quality of their beers—it could be as simple as a lack of votes from their fans.  Obviously, beers with no votes don't place on this list.  Despite what we'd like to believe, not everyone uses our site (shame on those who don't).  This section of the site is built on participation by the community, so it will be very interesting to watch what happens to this lists as more ratings come in.

Portland has a lot of great beer, and we're starting to think that showing the top 20 beers just ain't enough, especially now that the 20th spot on the list is holding at 4.45 stars out of 5.  As more votes pour in, the top 20 will reflect higher and higher ratings—only the top of the heap. UPDATE: We've heard your cries for "Yes, yes, yes!" in the last couple of hours since the post went up. The Top 20 is still available on the home page, but the Ratings Section of the site has been updated to include the Top 40!

The free beer contest ends on June 15th and we'll contact the winners to get their Belmont Station gift certificates to them.  Good luck everyone and thanks for helping us to improve our little beer corner of the earth!

Week Beginning Sunday, May 29th:

(based on 5 star system)

Beer Rating Rank
Black Butte XXI 5 1
Black Butte XX 5 1
Vlad the Imp Aler 5 1
Workhorse 4.8 2
Bourbonic Plague 4.7778 3
Sang Noir 4.6667 4
Lost Barrels of Mirror Mirror 4.6667 4
The Abyss (2010) 4.6667 4
Sang Rouge 4.6 5
Blue Dot 4.6 5
C-Note Imperial IPA 4.5714 6
Cascade Kreik Ale 4.4286 7
Ace of Spades 4.4286 7
Top Sail 4.4 8
Organic Free Range Red 4.3333 9
Beck Berry 4.3333 9
Hop Henge Experimental 4.2 10
Jim (2009) 4.1667 11
Mirror Mirror 4.1 12
Hop Trip 4.1 12

Week Beginning Sunday, June 5th:

(based on 5 star system)

Beer Rating Rank Movement
The Dissident (2008) 5 1 (New)
Black Butte XX 4.9 2 (Down 1)
The Abyss (2008) 4.9 2 (New)
Vlad the Imp Aler 4.88 3 (Down 2)
Organic Green Elephant 4.88 3 (New)
Organic Green Mammoth 4.88 3 (New)
Bourbonic Plague 4.87 4 (Down 1)
Black Butte XXI 4.82 5 (Down 4)
Sang Noir (2009) 4.8 6 (Down 2)
The Abyss (2010) 4.73 7 (Down 3)
Workhorse 4.73 7 (Down 5)
Lost Barrels of Mirror Mirror 4.67 8 (Down 4)
C Son's Greetings 4.67 8 (New)
Noyeaux (2009) 4.6 9 (New)
Sang Rouge (2009) 4.57 10 (Down 5)
C Note Imperial IPA 4.57 10 (Down 4)
Ace of Spades 4.5 11 (Down 4)
Blue Dot 4.5 11 (Down 6)
Beck Berry (2009) 4.45 12 (Down 3)
The Abyss (2009) 4.45 12 (New)