Alright, the 24th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival is upon us! Starting next Thursday, we will be seeing hordes of people flocking to the Tom McCall Waterfront Park along the Willamette River for their choice of beer from 84 different breweries. Covering a whopping 33 beer styles, the beer festival shows off beer from 14 different states, with Oregon representing 46 of the beer choices. Not listed below, and rotating quickly throughout the festival, are 51 yet-to-be-announced Buzz Beers. We'll post if we can dig up a list, but the best way to see what's tapping is to follow @OBFBuzzTent on Twitter. The festival runs from Thursday, July 28th through Sunday, July 31st starting at noon each day.

For now, that's it.  We're sending Rachael to the media preview this year, so look for her post early Friday as she brings you the news from the front lines!

As every year, the following beer list descriptions were crafted by Gary Corbin.  Thanks Gary!

22 Ale
ABV: 6.50 | IBU: 40.00 | OG: 14.00 Rogue Ales Newport, OR
Rogue Brewmaster John Maier has brewed 22 different beers for the last 22 years of the Oregon Brewers Festival. This light-colored ale is deceptively strong with a solid hop backbone that lets you know you're drinking a Rogue.
Alaskan White Ale
ABV: 5.30 | IBU: 15.00 | OG: 11.75 Alaskan Brewing Co Juneau, AK
""White" beer? Wheat proteins suspended in this cloudy beer make it so. Based on a Belgian-style witbier, this beer's uniqueness traces to the 1,000-year-old glacial water used for brewing. Wheat and 2-row specialty malts are balanced not with hops but by the addition of coriander and bitter orange peel. This one could change your impression of beer forever."
Alpha Centauri Binary IPA
ABV: 8.60 | IBU: 100.00 | OG: 19.50 Hop Valley Brewing Co. Springfield, OR
"Hop Valley commemorated its 100th brew with this 100-IBU Imperial IPA. The brewers mixed Nugget, Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo and Galena hops in four additions, including a generous dose in the dry-hop stage, to give the beer intense pine and citrus flavors and aroma. They backed it up with plenty of 2-row and Munich malts to balance the hops."
Altered State
ABV: 6.70 | IBU: 35.00 | OG: 16.00 Hollister Brewing Co Goleta, CA
"If this beer seems extra aromatic to you, maybe it's the Cologne ... malt, that is. Caramunich, Crystal 15 and Carafa malts round out the grain bill. Spicy noble hops - Hallertau, Tettnang and Saaz - and German style koelsch yeast provide true central European character to this classic, almost-forgotten beer style."
Ankle-Buster Ale
ABV: 5.40 | IBU: 35.00 | OG: 12.00 Pelican Pub & Brewery Pacific City, OR
"This is a brand new beer, created principally for this year's Oregon Brewers Festival. Caramel 15 and 40 are laid on a base of Golden Promise and pale malt, with all Nugget hops from first wort to dry-hopping. Fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast, the result is a complex beer with esters of tropical fruit, cinnamon and nutmeg."
Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter
ABV: 9.20 | IBU: 35.00 | OG: 20.23 Laughing Dog Brewing Ponderay, ID
"Six different malts - honey, light Munich, Crystal 150, black and chocolate malts on a base of 2-row pale - make this dark, rich ale big and strong like its daddy. Millennium, Willamette and Fuggle hops provide just enough hop bitterness and flavor to balance the chocolaty malt flavor. If you're worried about getting sleepy, don't - this one is flavored with Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters cold-pressed Sumatran coffee."
Berried Alive!
ABV: 5.50 | IBU: 12.00 | OG: 13.00 Old Market Pub & Brewery Portland, OR
"336 pounds of Oregon boysenberries and 110 pounds of Oregon raspberries in the secondary fermenter on top of a six-grain malt bill weren't sufficient to make this beer stand out for Old Market brewers. They then fermented the brew with Trappist high gravity yeast and aged it in Pinot Noir barrels. Low hop levels let you better taste the fruit and oaky, smoky notes."
Berry White
ABV: 4.80 | IBU: 16.00 | OG: 11.50 Ram Restaurant & Brewery Happy Valley, OR
"The standard color scale of beer fails to describe this beer's appearance. Not "golden" but white, its hue derives from the Pilsner, wheat and oats that comprise the grain bill. Vanguard hops are dosed sparingly to make sure you can taste the raspberries added to the secondary and bright fermenters. Trappist high gravity yeast does the heavy lifting in this brew."
Bison Honey Basil Ale
ABV: 6.00 | IBU: 20.00 | OG: 13.50 Bison Brewing Co Berkeley, CA
"About 7% of the fermentables in this beer come from organic clover honey. The rest is pale, Crystal and Munich malt, seasoned with Cascade hops and fresh organic basil. Yes, basil - about two pounds per barrel, added in the last 15 minutes. Makes you wonder, how would this beer go with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella?"
Black & Red
ABV: 10.30 | IBU: 20.00 | OG: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Milton, DE
"A velvety smooth "dry-minted" stout with a serious fruit problem! Heavily roasted grains brings forth a dry, chocolaty character that contrasts with the sweet, fruity full-bodied flavor. But it's not really black - it's a very deep red, and the foam has a pinkish hue. A hundred pounds of spearmint and peppermint in secondary fermentation help the beer finish sweet and smooth."
Blonde Moment
ABV: 4.30 | IBU: 14.00 | OG: 10.70 Riverport Brewing Co Clarkston, WA
"Pale 2-row, Pilsner and white wheat malt provide the golden hue and firm malt base for this light, thirst-quenching ale, hopped simply by the complex, spicy noble Tettnang hops for both bittering and aroma. An American Ale yeast keeps it clean in the finish, making this an easy-to-drink summer ale, great for when the temperatures rise."
Breakaway IPA
ABV: 7.20 | IBU: 90.00 | OG: 16.50 American Brewing Co Edmonds, WA
"Pale, Vienna and Munich malts provide just a hint of caramel to the big, clean malt base underlying the intense hop backbone provided by Simcoe, Falconer Flight, Citra and Amarillo hops. An extra dose of Citra after fermentation give this lip-smacker extra hop intensity."
Bruce/Lee Porter
ABV: 8.10 | IBU: 26.00 | OG: 17.50 Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub Pendleton, OR
"Northwest pale, dark Crystal, Kiln Coffee and Vienna malts mashed in mineral-rich hard water from the Blue Mountains accentuate the expected mild hop bill provided by the alpha-rich but flavorful Horizon hops in the boil, with Sterling hops added in the latter half of the boil. The hard water is consistent with the London origins of the porter style, as is the rich malty body, deep black color and balance of flavors."
Caldera Hop Hash
ABV: 7.00 | IBU: | OG: 16.25 Caldera Brewing Co Ashland, OR
"This beer gets its name from the Hopunion Hop Hash nuggets - pure hop lupulin extracted and scraped from the Hopunion pelletizing line, then boiled for 90 minutes in the kettle. According to the brewer, this has never been done before! Premium 2-row, Great Western Munich, Crisp 60L and rolled oats comprise the grain bill designed to carry this load. Fermented warm using American Ale yeast to bring out the fruitiness, the resulting beer is designed to be a surprise on all fronts. Even the brewer has no idea how hoppy it'll be."
ABV: 4.70 | IBU: 41.00 | OG: 17.30 Deschutes Brewery Bend, OR
"Deschutes is taking you into the next beer frontier. Brewed with wheat and Pilsner malts, this IPA displays beautiful citrus aromas from Cascade and Citra hops that meld with the esters of Belgian yeast."
CoCoNut Porter
ABV: 5.70 | IBU: 32.00 | OG: 15.20 Maui Brewing Co Lahaina, HI
"This multiple award winner (US Beer Open, World Beer Cup and more) is a classic robust porter with the addition of all-natural hand-toasted coconut. Its tan, creamy head floats on a black sea of chocolate, 2-row, Munich and Crystal malts as well as unmalted black barley. The addition of CT2 and Cascade hops provides just enough bitterness to balance the sweet malt and coconut."
Cote de Or
ABV: 7.00 | IBU: | OG: 17.00 Golden Valley Brewery McMinnville, OR
"Cote d'Or is French for "golden slope," and you might feel yourself slipping after too many of these. Strong yet refreshing, malt flavors predominate in this Belgian-style golden ale. Estery banana-clove notes linger on the palate, and barrel aging on neutral Chard Barrels provides soft notes of vanilla. Belgian candi sugar lightens the body, and Saaz and Goldings hops in light doses make it an easy-drinking beer with tons of character."
Crazy Foyston Alt
ABV: 6.00 | IBU: 65.00 | OG: 13.50 Lucky Labrador Brew Pub Portland, OR
"If you're a fan of Portland beer writers, you'll know where this one got its name. Two-row pale, Munich 35, three grades of Crystal and some chocolate malt face off against 65 IBUs worth of Centennial and Cascade hops in both the boil and fermenter. You might get the impression that ol' Ludwig - er, John - likes 'em sweet.. ..and more than a little bitter. But of course - he's a writer."
Crystal Springs IPA
ABV: 7.10 | IBU: 70.00 | OG: 17.30 Klamath Basin Brewing Co Klamath Falls, OR
"This India Pale ale is aromatic and complex. Citrus and pine hop flavors dominate the flavor of this Northwest India Pale Ale while allowing malt flavors to linger in the background. It's big in hops, malt and alcohol."
CuDA Cascadian Dark Ale
ABV: 7.40 | IBU: | OG: 17.25 Natian Brewery Portland, OR
"This beer combines the malt profile of a stout - Carafa II, roasted barley, chocolate malt and 2-row pale - with the hop profile of an IPA. A dose of Falconer's Flight, Centennial, Magnum and Northern Brewer hops in the boil provides just enough hop bitterness. Falconer's return in the dry-hopping stage."
Cyclops IPA
ABV: 6.90 | IBU: 65.00 | OG: 17.25 Cascade Lakes Brewing Co Redmond, OR
"Five different American hops (Warrior, Willamette, Liberty, Cascade and Centennial) added in three different kettle stages accentuate the dry, crisp, slightly tart and fruity esters obtained from the London Ale yeast used to ferment this beer. A simple grain bill of Rahr 2-row, Crisp 45 and Great Western Munich stamps this beer's international passport."
Daily Dose Summer Ale
ABV: 4.90 | IBU: 20.00 | OG: 11.10 Oakshire Brewing Eugene, OR
"Oakshire draws its malt bill from across the gamut: Rahr 2-row, Castle Pilsner, Briess Carapils and Great Western Munich. By contrast, the hop bill is simple: a light dose of Nuggets in the boil and two shots of Amarillo in the finish. To complement the hops, the brewers added orange, lemon and grapefruit peel and some hibiscus flower and lemongrass for a light, crisp brew with a slightly fruity note."
Dark Mexican Lager
ABV: 5.10 | IBU: 30.00 | OG: 12.00 Big Sky Brewing Missoula, MT
"In spite of its name and style designation, this beer is laden with European roots. Caramel Munich 60 and Caramel Vienne 20 malts add rich toffee sweetness to the pale malt base. Four additions of German Hallertau Tradition hops add spicy flavors and just enough bitterness to balance this smooth amber lager."
Dark Star
ABV: 8.00 | IBU: | OG: 18.50 McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Hillsboro, OR
"Cascadian Dark Ale, also known as Cascadian IPA, is a Pacific Northwest innovation that combines the dark, roasty character of a porter or stout with the high hop profile of an India Pale Ale. Two-row, Munich, Crystals, Carafa and some flaked barley malts fend off four invasions of Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook hops, from first wort all the way to boil-off. Another innovation: Carafa II malt was added to the grant during wort recycling (vorlauf) instead of directly into the mash."
Discord Dark IPA
ABV: 6.50 | IBU: 69.00 | OG: 16.00 Pyramid Breweries Portland, OR
"Dark IPA, also known as Cascadian IPA, is a Pacific Northwest innovation that combines the dark, roasty character of a porter or stout with the high hop profile of an India Pale Ale. Two-row, Crystal 80, Munich and black Carafa II malts provide the deep dark color and body. The hop bill includes Nugget, Mt. Hood, Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial, the latter three also used for dry-hopping."
Donner Party Porter
ABV: 8.50 | IBU: 36.00 | OG: 21.00 FiftyFifty Brewing Co Truckee, CA
"This sweet, inky brew will give your palate something different to chew on than the hop monsters next door. Eleven different grains (including hand-toasted oats) and a dose of molasses provide its rich flavor and body. Three shots of hops give it just enough bitterness and hop flavor. If the Donner Party would have had this, there would have been no problem surviving the winter's cold."
Dopacetic Imperial IPA
ABV: 7.80 | IBU: 83.00 | OG: 20.00 Amnesia Brewing Portland, OR
"You might feel dopacetic (and maybe even understand what it means) after quaffing a few full mugs of this big IPA. Maris Otter floor-malted 2-row, Weyermann Vienna, Briess Carapils and Munich, and crisp caramel malts were mashed with pure Bull Run water to yield a wort hopped with Chinooks to boil, Amarillos to finish and Amarillos again to dry-hop. Fermented warm with American ale yeast, expect a few esters in this beer's aroma."
Double Dry Hopped Glacier Pale Ale
ABV: 6.00 | IBU: 45.00 | OG: 14.50 Boundary Bay Brewery Bellingham, WA
"Made especially for the OBF, this beer makes exclusive use of Glacier hops in four additions, including two dry-hoppings. A simple grain bill of premium 2-row and Munich malts along with crisp Cascade water provide the perfect body to balance the medium alpha (bitter) hop with a strong citrus flavor and aroma."
Double Jack
ABV: 9.50 | IBU: 100.00 | OG: 21.50 Firestone Walker Brewing Co Paso Robles, CA
"Double Jack Imperial IPA features a big malty middle to cloak the high alcohol and mouth puckering hop bitterness. Huge tangerine, grapefruit and juicy fruit aromas blossom over the herbal blue basil and malt earthiness of this aggressive beer. Note the high alcohol - it's best enjoyed in moderation. And, uh, get a driver."
Double Mountain Pilsner
ABV: 5.40 | IBU: 40.00 | OG: 12.50 Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom Hood River, OR
"Brewers at Double Mountain call this crisp refresher "Bohemian Rhapsody," featuring organic Pilsner malt, Czech lager yeast and Sterling hops. They aged this beer for more than six months to give the Czech lager yeast enough time to allow the flavors to mellow and merge. This is a hophead's Pilsner."
Dump Truck Extra Pale Summer Bock
ABV: 6.90 | IBU: 28.00 | OG: 16.00 Bayern Brewing Missoula, MT
"Decoction mashing - heating a portion of the wet grains and re-mixing them back into the mash - combined with cold fermentation, long lagering, keg conditioning and moderate dosages of bittering hops give Dump Truck an extra smooth ride. German Sauermalt and organic Spitz malt and a new strain of yeast specially designed for Bayern account for its unique malty flavor."
Evelyn's Imperial Sunshine
ABV: 7.50 | IBU: 90.00 | OG: 17.00 Hopworks Urban Brewery Portland, OR
"Organic Gambrinus Pilsner malt paired with Magnum hops for bittering, a mix of Cascade, Centennial, Palisade, Summit and Magnum late in the boil and dry-hopping, plus a dose of Cascades in the whirlpool make this light-colored but full-bodied, full-flavored brew a crisp, enjoyable summer beer - that packs a wallop. Guzzle carefully."
Fearless Scottish Ale
ABV: 5.30 | IBU: 31.00 | OG: 13.80 Fearless Brewing Co Estacada, OR
"This rich, creamy Scottish-style ale, Fearless' flagship brew, sports a forward malt nose courtesy of Golden Promise pale and Carastan malts plus a touch of roast barley for complexity. The heady aroma leads into a sweet malt palate with gentle fruitiness. The finish is smooth, malty and lingering, and not at all bitter."
FivePine Porter
ABV: 6.00 | IBU: 50.00 | OG: 14.50 Three Creeks Brewing Co sisters, OR
"We're used to seeing porters as dark as midnight, but the original porters were dark brown. Three Creeks revives that tradition with this big, malty porter. A complex malt base of 2-row, Munich, dark crystal, white wheat, Carapils and chocolate malts with Briess roast barley give it a brown malty base. Galena, Cluster and Cascade hops balance with bitterness and a Northwest hop finish. Taste chocolate? That's from the 22 pounds of Belgian dark chocolate cocoa nibs!"
Foggy Bog Cranberry Ale
ABV: 6.00 | IBU: 20.00 | OG: 15.50 Widmer Brothers Brewing Portland, OR
"Cranberries added post-fermentation to this brew provide a unique sweet and tart flavor, along with a reddish color and fruity aromas. Two-row pale, wheat and crystal malt make up the grain bill, providing bready undertones, and a late-boil addition of milk sugar provides body and sweetness. A light dose of Alchemy and Willamette hops keeps bitterness low and lets the natural goodness of the fruit shine through."
Ginger & Meyer Ann
ABV: 6.00 | IBU: 25.00 | OG: 12.50 Blue Frog Grog & Grill Fairfield, CA
"No doubt about it, Ginger and Meyer Ann will have you Giggilligan. The name is derived not from being located on a deserted isle, but from the Meyer lemon peel and dried ginger in the boil. Fresh ginger is added to the fermenter. And you thought only the Skipper got fresh! This is a crisp, refreshing brew made in the Belgian style."
Girl Beer
ABV: 5.00 | IBU: 15.00 | OG: 11.00 Boneyard Beer BEND, OR
"In spite of the name, boys will like this beer too, if they're secure enough to try it. Pilsner, white wheat and acidulated malt sugars are spiced with delicate Goldings, yielding a beautiful blonde ale. Eighty-eight pounds of sweet dark cherry puree in the secondary give the English Ale yeast something to do while this one waits to make up her mind."
Gluten Free NWPA
ABV: 5.00 | IBU: 25.00 | OG: 13.00 Deschutes Brewery Bend, OR
"One of the most asked questions at the festival is "are there any gluten-free beers available?" - Yes! This hop-forward Northwest pale ale is made of 100% gluten free ingredients: brown rice, sorghum and dark candy sugar. It's hopped with Nugget, Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops for a Northwest gluten-free experience."
Golden Cap
ABV: 6.25 | IBU: 23.00 | OG: 13.50 New Holland Brewing Co Holland, MI
"This soft, pale beer is a modern interpretation of a traditional farmhouse ale that embodies the flavors and aromas of summer fields. Brewed with 2-row pale malt and an ancestor of wheat called spelt, its straw-colored body, lively carbonation and unique fermentation profile evoke fresh cut hay and cracked peppercorn. It's lightly hopped with Nugget, Cascade, Mt Hood and Crystal hops to let those unique flavors shine through."
ABV: 5.67 | IBU: 9.00 | OG: 13.00 Burnside Brewing Co Portland, OR
"Burnside Graetzer is a unique historically Polish smoked wheat beer, commercially extinct since the early 1990s until Burnside revitalized the style with a Northwest twist. Burnside smoked 600 pounds of white wheat over apple wood to achieve a lightly toasted, nutty flavor with a slightly smoky finish. Unfiltered, it's cloudy and flavorful and a great accompaniment to smoked meats."
Hale's Supergoose IPA
ABV: 7.40 | IBU: 80.00 | OG: 17.50 Hale's Ales Brewery & Pub Seattle, WA
"First wort hopping with Amarillo and Columbus. Three closely-timed late-boil additions of Amarillo & Centennial. Whirlpool hopping with Cascades. Open fermented, then "Terminal Gravity" hopped with Amarillo, Centennial & Simcoes. This beer has a nose that will make you swear you're driving through Yakima in August. It also has a bit of malt... do you care which ones?"
ABV: 4.80 | IBU: 14.00 | OG: 12.00 Surly Brewing Brooklyn Center, MN
"If someone asks you for a beer recommendation, give 'em Hell. They'll love you for it. This beer's golden color comes from Pilsner and Carahelles malt. Lightly hopped from beginning to end with the delicate Sterling hops, the beer's moderate hop footprint is accentuated by its hard brewing water. A German lager yeast plus four weeks of cold lagering keep this one clean and crisp."
Hell or High Watermelon Wheat
ABV: 4.90 | IBU: 17.00 | OG: 11.00 21st Amendment Brewery San Francisco, CA
"One of the most popular beers at the OBF for several years, this wheat beer is flavored with real watermelon, giving the beer a subtle aroma and a dry, tart flavor. Low levels of Magnum bittering hops let the unique taste of wheat and watermelon shine through."
Helles Belles
ABV: 5.00 | IBU: 22.00 | OG: 12.80 Ninkasi Brewing Co Eugene, OR
"An enjoyable brew with low hop bitterness but plenty of pleasant Spalt and Hallertauer hop flavor, this brew features Rahr Pilsner, Great Western 2-row and Great Western Vienna, fermented by Wyeast's clean, crisp southern German lager yeast. This allows the malt body to come through in the finish for a rich, drinkable flavor."
Hoopla Pale Ale
ABV: 5.70 | IBU: 35.00 | OG: 12.90 Boulder Beer Co Boulder, CO
"Magic happened this year in Colorado when Boulder brewers and guitarist-slash-homebrewer Kyle Hollingsworth of the String Cheese Incident joined creative forces. From this collaboration, Hoopla was born, a crisp pale ale made from a blend of German and American grains and dry-hopped with Glacier hops for a fruity, floral aroma and flavor."
Hop Rod Rye
ABV: 8.00 | IBU: 80.00 | OG: 18.75 Bear Republic Brewing Co Cloverdale, CA
"A healthy dose of rye added to the base grist of American 2-row pale, Munich and medium Crystal malts give this beer a refreshing tangy twist. Columbus, Centennial and Cascade hops in both the brew kettle and in the dry-hopping stage allow the hops to blend with the rye for a crisp, refreshing taste perfect for a hot summer day."
ABV: 6.63 | IBU: 60.00 | OG: 9.50 Collaborator Portland, OR
"Hopfinium is the union of a relatively dry Pacific Northwest style IPA with the clean fermentation characteristics of a proper German lager yeast - an India Pale Lager - thus allowing the focus to be entirely upon the abundant hops, rather than be muddied by the esters of an ale yeast. Expect a crisp finish and clean bitterness under the dank citrus-tangerine flavor and aromas of Cascade, Summit and Simcoe hops."
Idiot Sauvin
ABV: 7.00 | IBU: 75.00 | OG: 17.00 Elysian Brewing Co Seattle, WA
"Four additions of New Zealand's Nelson Sauvin hops blend gently into Great Western pale malt, Crisp C-120 Crystal and Weyermann Cara-red malt due to the magic of Seattle's soft city water. A Siebel Institute strain of a very neutral and extremely attenuative American Ale yeast provides a crisp, clean character."
Imperial IPA
ABV: 6.80 | IBU: 75.00 | OG: 16.00 Hazel Dell Brewpub Vancouver, WA
"This is a big daddy. Pale, Munich, wheat and C-75 Crystal malts form the backbone. Galena, Perle, Centennial and Amarillo hops provide the muscle. An English style yeast offers some fruity tones to complement the citrusy, earthy hops and round out that big alcohol presence warming the back of your throat. Sip slowly."
Jackalope Imperial Pumpkin Porter
ABV: 7.50 | IBU: 15.00 | OG: 16.10 Beer Valley Brewing Ontario, OR
"Everything Beer Valley does is Imperial, and this unique spiced strong ale is no exception. Two hundred fifty pounds of pumpkin puree plus pumpkin spices make this a guaranteed fall classic. But don't wait for October - it's likely to be gone by the end of the weekend. This beer pairs great with spicy food."
Jamaica Sunrise ESB
ABV: 5.40 | IBU: 46.00 | OG: 13.50 Mad River Brewing Co Blue Lake, CA
"You may have heard of this beer's darker cousin, the Jamaica Red Ale. This one eases up on the darker malts, relying on 2-row pale, aromatic and Carastan 30/37 to give a golden hue with a full body. Fuggles and Goldings in the hop bill and a clean American yeast means those 46 IBUs aren't going to bite hard, but yield a pleasant, earthy balance to this very quaffable brew."
Jimvar Bohemian Pilsner
ABV: 5.60 | IBU: 40.00 | OG: 13.25 Full Sail Brewing Co Hood River, OR
"Full Sail's latest beer in its Brewer's Share series, brewed by Brewmaster Jim Kelter, is a medium bodied lager with a spicy hop palate from pure Czech Saaz hops and a firm Pilsner malt base, the way a Pilsner is meant to be. Enjoy it all summer long - and stock up for winter, because it might be gone by then."
Kick Axe Pale Ale
ABV: 5.20 | IBU: 35.00 | OG: 12.50 Lompoc Brewing Portland, OR
"With only 35 IBUs, you might be surprised to learn that this beer has four hop additions, including first wort hopping with Ahtanums and dry-hopping with Cascades. This light touch balances bitterness with hop and malt flavor. Great Western Pale, Vienna, Crystal and a touch of black malt provide fermentables for the American Ale yeast, yielding a clean, quaffable beer that's slightly fruity in the nose and finish."
Lagunitas a Little Sumpin' Wild
ABV: 8.70 | IBU: 73.00 | OG: 20.00 Lagunitas Brewing Co Petaluma, CA
"This is the big sister of the Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale, and the big sister's gone wild. Lots of wheat for a curious malt complexity, fermented with Belgian yeast for big flavor and lots of hops because the brewers know you like it that way. If you go wild with this one, make sure someone else is driving."
Laurelwood Organic Pale Ale
ABV: 5.10 | IBU: 32.00 | OG: 12.50 Laurelwood Brewing Co Portland, OR
"Organic 2-row, Munich and Crystal malts provide this brew's medium body and light amber hue. Fuggle, Centennial and Cascade hops provide an equally moderate hop bittering profile. Fermented with the Laurelwood house yeast, the brew's balance and full flavor profile show how truly excellent an organic beer can be."
Lemongrass Luau
ABV: 5.00 | IBU: 17.00 | OG: 11.50 Kona Brewing Co Kailua Kona, HI
"Ginger and Lemongrass, sourced fresh from the Big Island, are added once this beer's fermentation is done to give it a unique spicy flavor and aroma. The brewers supplement the simple malt bill of pale and wheat malts with raw turbinado sugar to lighten and sweeten the beer. Organic Pacific Gem and Willamette hops in the kettle meet up with Northern Brewer and Sterlings in the whirlpool for added hop complexity."
Lil's Pils
ABV: 5.00 | IBU: 33.00 | OG: 12.00 Seven Brides Brewing Silverton, OR
"This traditional bohemian Pilsner is light, crisp, and has a floral hop bouquet that balances the complex malty taste of the all German Pilsner, 2-row pale, Vienna and Cara Pils malts. A unique blend of four hops - Hercules, Sorachi Ale and Hallertau Middle Frau - give it that delicate bouquet and moderate bitterness. Lagering helps keep it smooth."
Mint Koelsch
ABV: 5.30 | IBU: 0.00 | OG: 11.50 Gilgamesh Brewing Turner, OR
"If you're looking for a unique brew that is perfect for a hot, summer day, give this beer a try. Instead of extruding flavors from hops, Gilgamesh uses locally-grown mint to make this light, golden brew even more refreshing. Other ingredients include American 2-row malt, rye and local honey. In true koelsch fashion, it's fermented by a lager-style yeast at ale temperatures."
Nyctophobia IPA
ABV: 7.50 | IBU: 78.00 | OG: 17.00 Columbia River Brewing Co Portland, OR
"Cascadian Dark Ale, also known as Cascadian IPA, is a Pacific Northwest innovation that combines the dark, roasty character of a porter or stout with the high hop profile of an India Pale Ale. Carafa malts darken the remaining grist - American 2-row and wheat malts - while Cascade, Chinook and Ahtanum hops provide the IPA-like bitterness and hop flavor."
Oatus the Red
ABV: 7.00 | IBU: 45.00 | OG: 16.50 Salmon Creek Brewery Inc. Vancouver, WA
"This beer is much like an Irish Red, except this one is made with flaked oatmeal. Two-row pale, roasted barley and Victory malt round out the grain bill. Nugget and Amarillo hops provide the hop bittering and flavor. High in alcohol with medium hoppiness, it's smooth tasting and a little creamy with a clean finish."
Offen Weisse
ABV: 4.50 | IBU: 12.00 | OG: 11.00 Upright Brewing Co Portland, OR
"This all-organic beer uses Gambrinus Pils and Great Western wheat and Munich malts and a single variety of all-organic hops (can you guess what it is?). It's fermented with a classic Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast strain yielding a spicy and fruity, dry and slightly tart brew that's low in hops and long on thirst-quenching."
Orange Kush
ABV: 4.50 | IBU: 22.00 | OG: 11.20 Ale Industries Concord, CA
"Very low in hop bitterness as well as finishing hop flavor and aroma, Orange Kush depends on Spanish orange peel, locally grown coriander and Egyptian chamomile to spice this brew. Rahr 2-row and Gambrinus wheat malts comprise this beer's simple grain bill, carrying a modest dose of Columbus hops in the boil. British ale yeast gives it a dry, biscuity malt finish."
Oranje World
ABV: 6.20 | IBU: 25.00 | OG: 13.75 Black Diamond Brewing Co Concord, CA
"This beer is mostly about the yeast and spices used - a White Labs Saison Yeast blend allowed to ferment warm in a base of Pilsner, wheat, aromatic, Munich and Crystal malts, with some turbinado sugar to lighten the mouthfeel. Big aromatic spices hail from cardamom seeds and ginger ground at the brewery along with both bitter and sweet orange peel added in the last 10 minutes of the boil."
Organic IPA
ABV: 7.20 | IBU: 55.00 | OG: 15.60 Eel River Brewing Co Fortuna, CA
"This India Pale Ale is brewed with the finest certified organic ingredients available. A full-bodied beer, bright-minted copper in color, it delivers a crisp hoppy bouquet from Pacific Hallertau and Centennial hops balanced by a distinctive rich malt taste from 2-row, caramel and wheat malt."
Peach Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.60 | IBU: 20.00 | OG: 13.60 Laht Neppur Brewing Co WAITSBURG, WA
"Peaches, peach concentrate and a little milk sugar for sweetness bring out the flavor of the sweet, subtle fruit over the big malty ale backbone. Thirty-five percent wheat gives the beer lightness and a little bit of a bready texture, but the 2-row and Vienna malts, a light touch with Cascade hops and the dry Munich keep the peaches front and center."
Pepe Nero
ABV: 6.00 | IBU: 30.00 | OG: 14.00 Goose Island Beer Co Chicago, IL
"The unique flavor and aroma of this beer comes from Tellicherry peppercorns added to the whirlpool ? and we guarantee, it's the only beer at the festival with that spice. It's layered on top of a Saison yeast that lends a phenolic, clove-like character. Other unique ingredients include Crystal Rye and debittered black malt in the grain bill and Pilgrim hops in the boil. This beer is truly one-of-a-kind."
Pike Monk's Tripel Belgium
ABV: 9.00 | IBU: 34.00 | OG: 18.75 Pike Brewing Co Seattle, WA
"This big, full-bodied beer has a complex flavor profile with a yeasty nose, fruity esters and malty dryness. Hints of honey, spice and exotic fruit play with your senses. A secret organic grain bill is given a boost by organic cane sugar. Nugget and Saaz hops give it just enough bitterness to balance."
Razberry Wheat
ABV: 4.50 | IBU: 15.00 | OG: 12.50 Cascade Brewing Portland, OR
"Put on your rose-colored beer goggles: this brew really is pretty in pink. Whole raspberries added to a sour mash Berlin-style wheat beer create a berry splash in this extremely refreshing beer. The raspberry is apparent on the nose, while the palate is tart and lemony with a hint of wheat. The is perhaps the most quenching brew at the festival."
Razz Wheat
ABV: 5.10 | IBU: 16.00 | OG: 12.50 Vertigo Brewing Hillsboro, OR
"Pureed raspberries added to the secondary fermenter and filtered out during a third fermentation cycle define this unfiltered wheat ale's fruity profile. Gambrinus pale, white wheat, 10L Crystal and Vienna Caraform malts are fermented with a very clean yeast, adding few esters to the already fruity brew. Noble, delicate Czech Saaz hops at moderate levels keep the focus off the bitter and onto the sweet-tart fermentables."
ABV: 7.10 | IBU: 69.00 | OG: 16.30 Great Divide Brewing Co Denver, CO
"Rumble IPA is an American IPA with subtle nuance. Brewed with heavy handed additions of Pacific Northwest hops, this beer is gently aged on French and American oak resulting in a wonderful balance of bitterness, caramel sweetness, vanilla, and undertones of pine and citrus. Very inspiring."
Siamese Twin Ale
ABV: 8.50 | IBU: | OG: 17.50 Uncommon Brewers Santa Cruz, CA
"This traditional Belgian-style dubbel is seasoned with coriander and entirely uncommon Thai spices. At first surprising, the floral notes of lemongrass and sharper bite of kaffir lime blend with the deep malt of this dubbel to produce a dangerously drinkable beer. Belgian Abbey-style yeast is used to ferment this strong concoction."
Single-Wide IPA
ABV: 5.70 | IBU: 57.00 | OG: 13.70 Boulevard Brewing Co Kansas City, MO
"Inspired by its bolder cousin, the Smokestack Series Double-Wide IPA, this medium-bodied version boasts a heady combination of six varieties of hops, some of which were employed for dry-hopping. Single-Wide is a golden colored beer with a prominent flowery, grapefruit aroma, and a dominant hop bitterness and flavor."
ABV: 5.20 | IBU: 28.00 | OG: 14.70 New Belgium Brewing Co Ft Collins, CO
"Pale malt, oats and Crystal 80L keep this beer simple but full of body-enhancing protein. Equally simple is the hop bill - Centennial in two additions. The special flavors you detect come from the creative use of apricot and ginger, lending a touch of sweet fruitiness with the zingy spiciness of a fine ginger ale."
ABV: 6.90 | IBU: 77.00 | OG: Stone Brewing Co Escondido, CA
"This IPA registers on the high end of the hop scale, with Columbus, Chinook and Centennial hops overwhelming whatever malts the brewers could find to throw into the mash tun. It's double-dry-hopped just in case you missed the first few hop doses; sensitive palates might even taste some of the medium malt character underlying this beer."
Summer Solstice Cervesa Crema
ABV: 5.00 | IBU: 8.00 | OG: 13.20 Anderson Valley Brewing Boonville, CA
"This honey-gold elixir is crisp and clear, with an unusual lightness and dryness for such a full-flavored ale. The arousing abundance of Pacific Northwest hops adds both a floral bouquet and a lively, citrusy finish. Its several medals includes a Silver Medal at the 2010 California State Fair."
Summer Squeeze
ABV: 4.50 | IBU: 19.00 | OG: 10.50 BridgePort Brewing Co Portland, OR
"Got your summer squeeze with you? You can try this one without getting in trouble with that other one. A refreshing brew infused with lemongrass and yuzu, an exotic Asian citrus fruit. The result is bright and crisp with a complex citrus finish, perfect for hot summer days."
Sunrise Oatmeal Pale Ale
ABV: 5.17 | IBU: 45.00 | OG: 13.00 Fort George Brewery and Public House Astoria, OR
"Pre-gelatinized flaked oats from Briess - usually the private preserve of dark, malty brews - join organic 2-row malt from Gambrinus to create this unique oatmeal pale ale. Amarillo hops in the boil are joined by Centennials and even more Amarillos at the end of the boil for a citrusy flavor. Save some for breakfast, in place of your cereal with grapefruit."
Tan Line
ABV: 4.60 | IBU: 80.00 | OG: 12.60 Fire Mountain Brew House Carlton, OR
"Tan lines are supposed to be gradual, and so are hop additions at Fire Mountain. Centennial hops go into the kettle every five minutes starting at the beginning of the boil. The brewers use Cascades for dry-hopping, providing a citrusy finish to this crisp beer. American pale and light caramel malts provide the grain base to carry all that hop flavor."
TG Pale
ABV: 6.20 | IBU: 41.00 | OG: 13.80 Terminal Gravity Brewing Enterprise, OR
"Darker in color but lighter in alcohol and hop punch than the famous Terminal Gravity IPA, this easy-drinking dark amber ale is built on the foundation of US High Color pale malt, light Crystal and Belgium Special B malts. Centennial, Columbus, Fuggles and French Strisselspalt hops join the boil at the very beginning and twice at the end to provide great hop flavor with moderate bite."
Tumbler Brown Ale
ABV: 5.50 | IBU: 37.00 | OG: 13.60 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co Chico, CA
"As the nights grow cool, the leaves on the valley oaks begin to turn and fall. In honor of this yearly dance, Sierra Nevada brings you Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale. Two-row pale, Crystal, chocolate and smoked malt used within days of roasting at the peak of its flavor give Tumbler a gracefully smooth malt character. Challenger and Yakima hops add a balancing bitterness and moderately hoppy flavor."
Wasatch Summerbrau Lager
ABV: 5.40 | IBU: 31.00 | OG: 13.00 Wasatch Beers Salt Lake City, UT
"Premium 2-row, undermodified Pilsen and Munich 10 are mashed using a nearly-abandoned traditional German method, single-decoction mashing, to produce a malty Pilsner with body and character, able to stand up to its Magnum, Mt. Hood and Sterling hops. Cold-fermented with lager yeast and lagered four weeks at 49 degrees, this beer is clean and crisp the way a Pilsner should be."
Wildfire Red Ale
ABV: 7.60 | IBU: 55.00 | OG: 16.80 Mt. Emily Ale House La Grande, OR
"This is a hoppy, American-style Imperial red ale made with all organic ingredients including 2-row pale, Munich, Crystal 60 and 120 malts. Northern Brewers do the bittering, Centennials in mid-boil flavor the brew and Cascades finish the boil. A dose of Centennials and Cascades for dry-hopping add an extra measure of lip-smacking hop flavor to this big brew."
Wu C.R.E.A.M.
ABV: 4.80 | IBU: 28.00 | OG: 12.00 Coalition Brewing Co Portland, OR
"American 2-row pale, Munich, Carapils and honey malts along with golden malted oats and flaked barley comprise this brew's complex grain bill. By contrast, only two workhorse hops - Sterling and Perle - do the heavy lifting on the lupulin side, keeping this big brew malt-balanced and easy to drink."
Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.20 | IBU: 103.00 | OG: 20.00 Alameda Brewing Co. Portland, OR
"Columbus, Simcoe and Amarillo hops all contribute the signature Northwest citrus-hop flavor and aroma to this aggressively hopped beer, one of the few at the festival hauling in over 100 IBUs. Pale 2-row, Pilsner and Munich malts topped off with flaked oats provide the sweet fermentables to sustain that hop infusion."
Zitrone Koelsch
ABV: 5.00 | IBU: 28.00 | OG: 11.40 10 Barrel Brewing Bend, OR
"Soft. That's the word that comes to mind when you drink this beer. Pilsner and Munich malts create a smooth malty base for noble Czech Saaz hops. Soft water from the Tumalo watershed keeps the hops from biting too hard. Then the brewer adds lemon (Zitrone) to give it a zesty, crisp finish. Six weeks of lagering adds an overall layer of smoothness."
Zombie Flanders
ABV: 6.60 | IBU: 29.00 | OG: 17.00 Rock Bottom Brewery Portland, OR
"This beer is best understood with haiku: Palate cleansing brett Floating in the sour glass Pie cherry blossom"